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Voluntary Relocation Program VRP

US Department of the Treasury

Location: Mankato, Minnesota
Type: Temporary (unspecified), Remote
Posted on: June 14, 2024
Voluntary Relocation Program (VRP)
WHAT IS THE VOLUNTARY RELOCATION PROGRAM (VRP)? The Voluntary Relocation Program (VRP) is a negotiated process which affords current Bargaining Unit employees the opportunity to relocate to a Post of Duty (POD) to a position that is the same as their home position of record, same grade, series and position description (PD), within the same Business Operating Division (BOD). Relocation must be an exact position match, the Program does not allow for promotion or change to lower grades.
Conditions of Employment
This is a program for IRS employees in Bargaining Unit positions only.
All program requirements must be met by the cutoff dates/closing date of this announcement.
Applicants who apply by January 20, 2024 will be considered until December 31, 2024. Applicants who apply after January 20, 2024 will be considered after July 20, 2024 through December 31, 2024. After December 31, 2024 all VRP applicants will need to reapply for the 2025 VRP announcement if they have not been relocated and still wish to be considered for the program. RELOCATION IS NOT GUARANTEED.
Applicants will ONLY be referred for positions that are same as their home position of record, same business unit, grade, series, work schedule (e.g. seasonal to seasonal), PD, and specialty, if any. There is no promotion potential under the Voluntary Relocation Program. This is not an announcement to fill a new vacancy or position. VRP serves only to relocate employees in their existing positions.
Applicants must file their voluntary applications for consideration, selecting NO MORE THAN THREE (3) locations for which they wish to be considered, by the cutoff/closing dates specified in the announcement. It is strongly encouraged that all applicants verify with their business units before applying to ensure the location(s) they choose are eligible for their possible relocation. If a selected POD does not have a business unit/IRS presence or meet CORE requirements for applicable business units, relocation to certain PODs may not be possible for some employees.
Applicants will ONLY be referred for the locations on their applications. Locations can only be updated twice per year--by January 20 and by July 20. If applicants update their application between January 21 and July 20, 2024, they will only receive consideration for the updated location preference after July 20, 2024 through the end of the calendar year.
Applicants can request a copy of the position description if selected under this program.
The salary range indicated in this announcement reflects the minimum locality pay up to maximum locality pay for all duty locations listed. The range will be adjusted for selected duty location. General Schedule locality pay tables may be found under Salaries & Wages.
For more information about the Voluntary Relocation Program, see Article 15, Section 6 of the 2022 National Agreement.
The Voluntary Relocation Program has a Bi- Annual Opportunity for consideration. This announcement is for consideration between January 2, 2024 through December 31, 2024.
Your application and eligibility will be evaluated based on your performance appraisal and employment history per the National Agreement Article 15, subsection 6. Eligibility will not be evaluated upfront and will not be verified until a referral situation occurs for both competitive and noncompetitive processes.
You must have Exceeds Fully Successful or above on your last rating of record to be considered. All ratings will be verified at the time of referral.
Employees who have voluntarily moved under the Voluntary Relocation Program (VRP), received a new appointment or were competitively selected per Article 15 Section 6 of the 2022 National Agreement within the last two (2) years are not eligible under this Program.
This job does not have an education qualification requirement.
Additional information
• PD Library:
• Alternative work schedule, staggered work hours or telework may be available.
• Must meet IRS telework eligibility requirements to be telework eligible.
• Relocation under this process will not entitle you to moving expenses, but neither will it void any independent entitlement you may have.
Applicants must apply and/or update their applications by 11:59 pm ET at the close of the following cutoff dates to be considered: Cutoff date(s): 01/20/2024 and 07/20/2024.
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