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Property & Environmental Resources Specialist ll - Taxation

Blue Earth County

Location: 410 S 5th St, Mankato, MN 56001
Type: Full-Time, Non-Remote
Posted on: May 31, 2024
DESCRIPTION Under the direct supervision of the Assistant Director of Property and Environmental Resources, this position supports the mission of the Property and Environmental Resources Department by providing quality and efficient services to the public. This position performs various complex duties involving Minnesota property tax laws, Minnesota state statutes, and County procedures; collects and processes delinquent and unpaid property tax; administers tax forfeiture processes; performs daily account balancing; interacts with escrow mortgage companies; maintains property records; processes changes to legal descriptions of property; handles special assessments and provides support for ditch management tasks; and processes applications for property tax programs and property tax adjustments. This position may also assist the public at the one-stop service counter and perform related work as assigned or required. DUTIES / RESPONSIBILITIES ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Conducts mobile home and real property assessment and taxation tasks. Maintains mobile home lists by working with all park managers in Blue Earth County. Determines the eligibility for homestead benefits and makes necessary classification code adjustments. Keeps abreast of all MN tax laws and County procedures to handle varied and complex classification changes and linkage of parcels for maximum homestead benefits. Performs the administration of delinquent tax, confession of judgment, and tax forfeiture processes in compliance with State statutes. Interacts with Sheriff's Office, District Court, State of Minnesota, and newspaper personnel to ensure all steps in this process are handled correctly. Maintains specialized knowledge of complex State laws regarding these processes. Determines by State statutes the correct installment plan on a confession of judgment. Prepares proper notices of expiration for posting, publishing, and mailing of certified copies to appropriate taxpayers. Prepares notices of public sale, assists with sale, and prepares State deed applications and collects appropriate fees. Performs property tax collection and daily account balancing. Maintains correct accounting system for the department ensuring accurate entry and balancing. Keeps up to date on all programming and accounting changes in the financial system and procedures reflecting the Finance and Property & Environmental Resources departments. Prepares and transfers collected funds to be deposited. Tracks and maintains reports for State Audit. Interacts with escrow mortgage companies. Determine accurate parcel/s of property and ensures correct coding for proper billing and collections. Applies and requests payments for refunds. Mails tax statements and collects payments. Maintains assessment rolls. Makes additions, deletions, and changes to classification codes. Reviews computer edits to ensure changes are correct. Processes homestead applications by applying specialized knowledge of MN property tax laws. Applies eligible benefit as approved in accordance with State statue including but not limited to SSN entry, maintenance of parcel linkages, value groups and modifiers. Processes splits/combination of property. Ensures parcel accounts are handled accurately. Inactivates original parcel number/s and creates new parcel numbers. Determines and creates detail records. Creates and/or breaks linkage of parcels as necessary. Applies values and ensures all eligible programs are applied correctly. Processes special assessments and provides support for ditch management tasks. Maintains and calculates the amortization of special assessments and ditch assessments in the property tax system. Receives certifications from local taxing districts. Enters each assessment schedule on complex tables to generate appropriate collection amounts. Works with city clerk’s/administrators and taxpayers to clarify situations. Splits, adds, corrects, or changes all assessments when parcels are combined or split. Completes reporting and payments. Ensures proper monthly processing of Mortgage Registration Tax (MRT) and State Deed Tax (SDT) remittances along with other monthly departmental payouts. Maintains special assessment collections and distributes to appropriate agencies. Ensures appropriate documentation and payments. Maintains railroads and public utilities values. Receives reports from Department of Revenue and matches information between County and State. Monitors and notifies Department of Revenue of the correct changes received on the County level. Makes market value changes on railroad and public utilities. Performs abatements/adjustments. Receives final approval applications to abate or adjust a parcel of land and or building value and tax. Performs complex calculation percentages and distributes to each separate fund to reflect adjustments. Calculates any interest due taxpayers per court order. Informs taxpayers of revised amounts due and sends refunds where necessary. Performs front counter duties. Assists the public in person and over the telephone. Provides customer service both internally and externally with a pleasant and helpful demeanor. Completes cash transactions, collects mortgage registration and deed tax and various other payments. Helps customers with copies documents and sends them out. Maintains bankruptcy files and claims. Conducts research and file maintenance to ensure county's tax claim is preserved. Interacts positively with internal and external customers. Communicates and interacts effectively and respectfully with employees, supervisors, individuals from other organizations, and customers. Promotes a diverse, culturally competent, and respectful workplace. Performs the physical and mental demands of the position. Attends work during regularly scheduled hours. ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS: Participates in professional staff development. Participates in training and education opportunities to maintain and improve proficiency. Attends and participates in professional organizations. Associates with employees and departments from other counties and States for collaboration. Performs other related functions as apparent or assigned. QUALIFICATIONS MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma/GED A minimum of three (3) years of experience in any of the following areas: financial procedures, auditing, real estate, taxation, office management, or customer service. Working experience with computers PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Experience working in an Auditor, Treasurer, or Recorder's Office Experience with the collection and distribution of taxes and/or other fees. Experience working with legal descriptions. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or similar software. Fluent in understanding and speaking languages other than English such as: Spanish, Somali, Chinese, Sudanese, or Arabic. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: Must be bondable. Must successfully pass a background check. Must comply with federal and state laws and organizational and departmental policies and regulations. Must comply with data practices policies and standards relative to not public data. Any access to not public data should be strictly limited to accessing the data that are necessary to fulfill the employment responsibility. While data are being accessed, incumbent should take reasonable measures to ensure the not public data are not accessed by individuals without a work reason. Once the work reason to access the data is reasonably finished the not public data must be properly stored according to county policy and the Minnesota Statutes. HOURS OF WORK Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Some overtime, evening, and weekend hours may be required.
Salary: $51,916.80 - $72,737.60 a year
Employment Type: Full-time