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Lighting Designer


Location: Mankato, Minnesota
Type: Full-Time, Non-Remote
Posted on: April 21, 2024
Lighting Designer
We are seeking a talented, electrifying and creative Lighting Designer to join our Electrical team at ISG. You will be submersed in a variety of exciting and unique project types with your fellow team of fun and imaginative engineers and designers. Your passion for design will be expressed in the work that you do, collaborating both internally with the design team, and externally with our amazing clients.
Essential Duties
Conceptualization and Design
• Collaborate with architects, interior designers, and engineers to understand project goals and requirements
• Develop lighting concepts that enhance aesthetics, functionality, and user experience
• Create lighting plans, layouts and visualizations using software tools, like AutoCAD and Revit
• Proficient with lighting calculation software (Agi32, IllumTools, or similar)
Technical Expertise
• Understand lighting equipment, fixtures, and technologies
• Specify appropriate lighting fixtures based on project needs, energy efficiency, and budget constraints
• Ensure compliance with Life Safety Code and current energy codes
• Capable of creating lighting control scenarios and select components to meet energy code requirements and client needs
• Lighting Certification (LC), preferred but not required
Lighting Calculations
• Calculate illuminance levels (lux or foot-candles) to achieve desired lighting quality
Fixture Selection and Placement
• Select fixtures based on their photometric properties (beam angle, color temperature, CRI)
• Position fixtures strategically to highlight architectural features, create focal points, and ensure proper illumination
• Effective communication with other design disciplines and clients to integrate lighting seamlessly into the overall project
• Working harmoniously with colleagues to find creative solutions
• Meeting strict deadlines in a fast-paced environment
• Bachelor's Degree in electrical engineering, architecture or interior design, or have worked in the lighting indusry
• 3-5 years of professional experience working in an architectural / lighting or MEP firm with an emphasis on lighting design or lighting rep agency
• The capability to apply Lighting Design principles to projects of all sizes and categories
• Experience with AutoCAD, Revit, AGi32 and Bluebeam
• Capable of managing your time and activities for optimum productivity
• Strong collaboration and problem-solving skills
• A keen eye for aesthetics, color theory, and visual storytelling
As part of your application, please submit your portfolio showcasing your lighting design or relevant projects. Include photos, sketches, and descriptions.
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