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Nursing Assistant in Training (NAIT)

Oaklawn Rehabilitation Center

Location: 201 Oaklawn Ave, Mankato, MN 56001, USA
Type: Temporary (unspecified), Non-Remote
Posted on: March 29, 2024
The Nurse Assistant in Training (NAIT) is a temporary position that exists to prepare NAITs to successfully pass  the Minnesota nursing assistant competency exam. NAITs must be actively enrolled in a Minnesota MDH Nursing  Assistant Registry-approved nursing assistant training course at the time of hire. Upon completion of the course,  the NAIT will take and pass the competency exam within 4 months of hire at which time the NAIT will apply  internally for the open CNA position at the facility of their choosing. The student is allowed three chances to  pass both the written and skills portion of the exam. A new training program must be completed if the student  fails to pass by the third attempt. As an NAIT, you will be responsible for most duties of a certified nursing aide  (CNA) as officially deemed competent through in part, completion of at least 16 hours of training in core areas.
- Provides ongoing resident care upholding and promoting the resident’s right to be free from abuse,  mistreatment, neglect or misappropriation of resident property, immediately reporting any suspicions,  reports or witnessed events to appropriate facility staff
- Forms quality relationships, communicating and interacting competently on a one-to-one basis while  integrating the resident-centered Plan of Care
- Demonstrates sensitivity to physical, mental and psychosocial needs as well as maintaining dignity, while  skillfully performing directed nursing, personal cares and restorative services
- Supports and promotes residents’ rights and attainment of as much functional independence as possible
- Maximizes quality of living through continual monitoring, reporting and documenting of resident care
- Provides all care to residents in the highest quality possible, without regard to race, gender, sexual  orientation, religion, age or differences in culture
- Maintains awareness of facility QAPI goals and abides by and promotes the QAPI program
- Practices and promotes a strong culture of customer service, ensuring a resident-centered experience
- Facilitates Plan of Care through completion of nursing responsibilities, clearly communicating resident  needs to primary caregivers and reporting changes and responses to interventions to the LPN or RN
- Completes basic nursing cares as directed such as taking and recording vital signs; measuring and  recording height and weight; recognizing abnormal changes in body functioning and reporting to the LPN  or RN; and caring for residents who are actively dying
- Completes personal cares as directed such as bathing; grooming; mouth care; dressing; toileting; eating  and hydration; proper feeding techniques; skin care; and transfers, positioning and turning
- Facilitates adequate nutritional intake for resident through assisting to and from the dining area; feeding  or assisting to feed; monitoring and recording intake and output; passing water and offering fluids;  passing and collecting trays; serving supplemental nourishment as directed by nurse; maintaining
awareness of dietary restrictions; and following safety guidelines including wearing gloves when  handling food or hydration
- Completes basic restorative services as directed such as training residents in self-care and according to  the resident’s abilities; use of assistive devices in transferring, ambulation, eating, and dressing;  maintenance of range of motion; proper turning and positioning in bed and chair; bowel and bladder  training; and care and use of prosthetic and orthotic devices
- Assists nurse with special procedures as directed, including implementing and completing critical care  sheets, participating in care conferences, etc.
- Provides and ensures nursing care activities are practiced in accordance with the MDH Nursing Assistant  standards while protecting residents’ dignity, privacy and when possible autonomous decision-making
- Facilitates assistance in areas such as getting to and participating in activities as well as assistance in  resolving any grievances or disputes
- Articulates meaningful discussion with residents based on their unique backgrounds, likes and dislikes
- Maintains care and security of residents’ personal possessions
- Interacts with resident’s family, support network, visitors and members of the interdisciplinary care  team in a courteous and cooperative manner
- Recognizes limits of knowledge, skill and experience; facilitates situations beyond the CNA’s competency
- Ensures all call lights are promptly and courteously answered
- Uses proper body mechanics at all times and reminds other nursing staff or facilitates correction
- Constantly adheres to safety policies and procedures in lifting, positioning and equipment use, including  use of transfer belts, Hoyer or mechanical lifts
- Strictly follows Standard Precaution infection control procedures and OSHA guidelines regarding  bloodborne pathogens to provide safe nursing care to include proper handwashing; maintaining  disinfection/cleaning schedules; wearing PPE such as gloves, face shield, fluid resistant gowns, etc.
- Maintains a clean environment in resident rooms and facility following infection control procedures to  bag infectious linens and equipment or proper disposal of them
- Avoids the need for restraints in accordance with DHS nursing home standards
- Ensures all cares are documented and that resident records are complete through systematic collection,  reporting and documentation of data that is secure from unauthorized access and follows state and  federal regulations, including HIPAA to ensure privacy and maintain confidentiality
- Promptly reports and documents incidents and errors involving residents, staff, visitors or self
- Prioritizes work assignments consistent with number and level of staff available and resident care acuity
- Reviews departing staff report at start of shift, ensures duties and delegated tasks are complete at end  of shift and reports off to nurse when leaving
Education and Experience
- Active enrollment in a Minnesota DHS Nursing Assistant Registry-approved Nursing Assistant program
- Completion of 16 hours of supervised practical training
Required Skills and Abilities
- Resilience; ability to welcome constructive feedback, course correct and not take it personally
- Personability; ability to get along with all personality types and inspire trust with residents, staff, family
- High emotional intelligence (EQ)
- Ability to actively listen, with the goal of understanding
- Ability to clearly speak and proficiently read and write in English
About Monarch:
Monarch’s mission is to change the way short term rehabilitation and long-term care is delivered. We strive to make patient care and customer service come together, putting the needs of our residents and their families first. We fulfill the communities need for health and housing, in a comfortable well equipped, pleasant home like atmosphere.
We could not provide this caliber of services without our dedicated employees. We value their contributions and work hard to attract and retain the best talent by offering a positive and supportive work environment along with competitive pay, nice perks, and great benefits.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.