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Journeyman Electrician- 3rd Shift- MN

Wis-Pak, Inc.

Location: North Mankato, Minnesota
Type: Full-Time, Permanent, Non-Remote
Posted on: November 13, 2023
Journeyman Electrician- 3rd Shift- Mankato, MN
North Mankato , MN
Posted 2 days ago
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Job Description
Job Brief
* Under the supervision of the Maintenance Manager or Maintenance Lead Person, the Electrician performs all electrical installations and maintenance work on equipment to maintain production operations and enhance an efficient safe plant operation.
JOB DUTIES/ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (Note: The job functions relate to the job, not the individual)
• Perform skilled tasks in accordance with national Electrical Code requirements.
• Comply with all city and state electrical code in the performance of tasks.
• Receive oral or written instructions related to work assignments which may be accompanied by sketches and blueprints.
• Provide timely response of all trouble calls. Diagnose and remedy problems as requested. Document tasks completed. Perform start-up and shutdown operations involving the energizing and de-energizing of all equipment. Repair or replace equipment and apparatuses efficiently and in compliance with city and state electrical codes. Document tasks completed and time required.
• Perform preventative maintenance work following established schedules and maintain documentation.
• Participate in the planning, implementation, completion, and follow-up of electrical projects.
• Demonstrate computer skills though PLC programming and computerized purchase order entry.
• Perform machine operation when needed and maintain working knowledge of equipment and plant operations. Perform bench repair tasks in a timely manner.
• Operate power tools, hand tools, electrical test meters, welding and cutting equipment, and man lifts when required.
• Request parts for repair work. Determine time frames for repair of equipment or equipment installations. Prepare accurate daily maintenance work reports.
• Oversee plant equipment operation and recommend changes/improvements/additions/deletions as needed.
• Monitor and work with outside contractors and technical personnel, when required.
• Notify manager of potentially dangerous electrical equipment noted and corrective action taken.
• Daily housekeeping as needed.
• Follow Good Manufacturing Practices.
• Follow Good Housekeeping Practices.
JOB DUTIES/MARGINAL FUNCTIONS (Not fundamental job duties)
• Building/Grounds maintenance as needed.
• Provide mechanical maintenance work, when needed.
• High school education or GED.
• Requires education as normally acquired in a technical school or equivalent or prior experience in a factory setting.
• Requires possession of a current Journeyman's license with the State of Minnesota.
• Knowledge of the principles of electrical wiring installation and maintenance, knowledge of the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and components, and the ability to read and comprehend electrical plans and specifications.
• PLC programming capabilities.
• Good communication skills and ability to train co-workers. Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions. Must be available and adaptable to varying workloads, emergency call-ins, and travel to technical schools or company business.
• Must supply own tools and toolbox.
This list of job duties and responsibilities is not intended to be all inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities that management may deem necessary from time to time.
Physical Activities
1. Average hours per week: 40
2. Shift: 2 nd or 3 rd
3. List the type of equipment or tools used for this position, and indicate the frequency of use:
(Occasionally 1-33%; Frequently 34-66%; Continuously 67-100%)
Hand tools, electrical drills, saw, etc.
Electrical test meters
Horizontal band saws
Pipe threader (hand)
Wire puller (snake)
Drill press (welder)
4. Percentage of time during the normal workday the employee is required to:
Sit/Drive 5 % Twist 1 % ( 45 degrees)
Stand 10 % Crawl 1 %
Walk 69 % Kneel 1 %
Lift 5 % Drive 5 %
Squat 1 % Climb 1 %
Bend 1 % ( 45 degrees)
Reach above shoulders 1 %
5. Maximum consecutive time during the normal workday for each activity:
Sit 30 minutes Twist 5 minutes ( 45 degrees)
Stand 30 minutes Crawl 15 minutes
Walk 5 minutes Kneel 2 minutes
Lift 15 seconds Drive 10 minutes
Squat 2 minutes Climb 15 seconds
Bend 5 minutes ( 45 degrees)
Reach above shoulders 2 minutes
6. The weight required to be lifted each normal workday :
(Occasionally 1-33%; Frequently 34-66%; Continuously 67-100%)
Not Required
Up to 10 lbs.
Up to 20 lbs.
Up to 35 lbs.
Up to 50 lbs.
Up to 75 lbs.
Up to 100 lbs.
Over 100 lbs.
Describe and explain the lifting and carrying requirements. Examples: the distance material is carried; how high material is lifted, etc.
* Lifting and carrying drills, rolls of wire, and bundles of conduit approximately 200 - 300 feet.
* Maximum lift would be 60" which is the bed height of the large man lifts.
7. Repetitive use of hands:
X Simple grasping: amount of weight lbs. frequency 50 % of time
X Pushing and pulling: amount of weight 30 lbs. frequency 25 % of time
X Fine manipulation: describe: Fine tuning adjustments to all machinery.
8. Repetitive use of foot or feet in operating machine controls:
Not required
X Required; describe frequency and pressure required: Large man lift (foot controlled safety switch) - used occasionally - 2 lbs.
9. Sensory requirements (speech, vision, smell, touch, hearing):
* Time spent: inside 7.5 hours; outside .5 hours
* Temperature: X normal range (degrees)
* Humidity: X normal range humid dry
* Atmosphere: X fumes X odors X dust/dirt
Gas poor ventilation
* Occasional welding fumes.
* Normal atmosphere in production (some odors and light dust present, no more than outside or in your home).
* Higher CO2 content in filler rooms.
* Some acid fumes by water plant.
* Dust is present from using the grinders and sweeping the floor.
* Special Hazards: X mechanical X electrical X chemical
explosive X radiation other
* Mechanical - operations of machinery in general.
* Electrical - panels, extension cords, and electrical hand tools.
* Chemical - sulfuric acid, ammonia, chlorine, oil, and grease.
* Radiation - Americium 241 (level sensing machines).
* Protective clothing required:
Not required
X Required: describe: Full face shield, rubber elbow-length gloves, and full rain suite are all required when working with acid. Padlock for lockout/tag out of electricity. ARC Flash protective clothing. Impact resistant and slip resistant shoes. Ear plugs and safety glasses.
Job Qualification Requirements an Individual
Must Meet to be Eligible for the Job
Mandatory Job Requirements
The requirements that an individual MUST absolutely possess to perform the essential functions of the job.
* Must be able to walk, climb, or craw to and from work site.
* Must be able to climb stairs.
* Must be able to lift 100 lbs.
* Must be able to bend at a 45 degree angle.
* Must possess basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills.
* Must be capable of working at various heights above ground level.
* Must be able to bend and install conduit.
* Must possess basic computer knowledge.
* Must be capable of learning to operate all machinery.
* Must have PLC programming/troubleshooting knowledge or ability to learn.
* Must be able to read Electrical Schematics.
Non-mandatory Job Requirements:
Not absolutely required, but will enhance applicant / employee changes for success.
* Able to work well with others on a consistent basis.
* Possess a basic knowledge of hydraulics.
* Possess a basic knowledge of compressed air systems.
* Possess a basic knowledge of welding.
This employer utilizes E-Verify.
Wis-Pak is an EEO Employer.
Equal Opportunity Employer
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Job Summary
Wis-Pak, Inc.
Start Date
As soon as possible
Employment Term and Type
Regular, Full Time
Salary and Benefits
$32.85/hr plus the additional $1.50 shift differential
Required Education
High School or Equivalent
Required Experience