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Elementary Teacher

Check Elementary School

Location: Floyd, VA 24091
Type: Non-Remote
Posted on: March 28, 2023
Elementary Teacher
Check Elementary School
Instructional - Position - Elementary Teacher
Job Number 3700218944
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JOB GOAL: To develop and implement an instructional program that will effectively provide the best possible education for each student.
QUALIFICATIONS: This position will require a person who is or will be eligible for an Elementary Education endorsement.
Professional Performance
• Complies with school and school board policies and regulations.
• Works cooperatively with the total staff.
• Relates positively to parents and other community representatives.
• Demonstrates professional growth.
• Prompt and accurate with required records and reports.
• Demonstrates command of standard English, both spoken and written.
• Accepts responsibilities outside the classroom as they relate to the school.
• Uses instructional and planning time effectively.
• Assumes responsibility for care of materials, equipment and facilities.
• Assumes responsibility for a neat, safe environment for students committed to the teacher's care.
Instructional Performance
• Interpersonal Relations:
(a)        Practices and promotes positive interaction with and among students.
(b)        Demonstrates enthusiasm for learning.
(c)        Demonstrates interest in students.
(d)        Encourages self-direction and self-motivation in students.
• Subject Matter:
(a)        Demonstrates knowledge of the subject being taught.
(b)        Demonstrates the ability to adjust presentation of subject content to
students' needs and interests.
• Planning/Materials:
(a)        Maintains an organized program of instruction based on effective long-range plans.
(b)        Exhibits evidence of effective lesson plans.
(c)        Utilizes a variety of appropriate materials and resources.
• Techniques/Delivery:
(a)        Communicates lesson objective and its importance to students.
(b)        Utilizes appropriate and varied teaching techniques and learning activities.
(c)        Uses out-of-class assignments, when appropriate, to support instructional objectives.
(d)        Maintains an effective system of monitoring student progress and to inform appropriate persons.
• Classroom Management:
(a)        Maintains discipline appropriate to learning situation.
(b)        Keeps students on task.
(c)        Uses positive reinforcement and constructive criticism to maintain good student discipline.
Reports To Principal
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Salary Range: From/To
$41,400 - $71,147
Based on 2022-23 Salary Scale
Start Date August 2023
Endorsements Elementary Education K-4, Elementary Education K-5, Elementary Education PreK-6
Additional Job Information
If a sufficient number of job applications are received prior to the posted closing date, the hiring manager may review applications, schedule and conduct interviews, and make a recommendation to the Superintendent of Floyd County Schools prior to the posted closing date.
Floyd County Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age, in its programs and activities. Inquiries should be directed to Floyd County Schools, 140 Harris Hart Rd NE, Floyd, VA 24091. Telephone (540) 745-9400.
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