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Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (Owensboro and KY)


Location: Owensboro, KY, 42303, US
Type: Non-Remote
Posted on: November 19, 2022
Company Description
Who we are:
TheraTree is a pediatric therapy practice in Western Kentucky who is committed to growing minds, bodies, and spirits through Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, and Mental Health Therapy. We're out to create thriving children who's voices are heard, bodies that move, they are independent experiencing a life they love, and are in turn an inspiration for what is possible in life.
Our Clinicians’ Purpose: To grow minds, bodies, and spirits holistically through effective and efficient therapeutic services so that children and families have a new access to happy, healthy, well balanced lives and have become an inspiration to the community for what is possible in life.
As a Behavior Analyst at TheraTree you can be a remarkable contribution to a child’s life.
Responsibilities of a Behavior Analyst:
Perform skilled therapeutic services within the Behavioral Analyst’s scope of practice. Including:
• Screening & Evaluation for Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy
• Administer and interpret standardized assessments that identify deficits related to behavior.
• Establish and update plans of care for ABA Therapy.
• Supervise Assistant Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians.
• Make progress with patients directly and indirectly through treatment of Applied Behavioral Analysis and family education program.
• Reassess and re-evaluate progress that leads to discharge for all goals met.
• Celebrate patient success such that they are an inspiration for others!
• Educate the public on how Behavior Therapy helps, such that the community sees help is available and possible.
• Support the whole child with our complimentary multidisciplinary team approach.
• Choose your passion with our various settings of outpatient in Owensboro and Henderson KY and/or remote telehealth. (Ask about your preferred setting in your interview.)
Behavior Analyst Qualifications:
• Efficiency without giving up Effectiveness with your time.
• Graduate of an accredited Applied Behavioral Analysis Program or completed equivalent curriculum.
• Preferred: Board Certification obtained from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) OR eligible to begin fieldwork.
• Fieldwork eligible trainees welcome to apply! Paid supervision at no cost to you!
• Licensed and/or eligible for licensure as a Behavior Analyst as required in the state of Kentucky.
• Will assist with obtaining temporary licensure for fieldwork trainees.
Apply for Henderson:
Apply for Owensboro:
Apply for Behavior Health Manager:
Relocation assistance resources are available upon request.
What you’ll love about us....
Our Investment in You:
• Bonus Pay for more kids helped
• Stable Base pay
• We help you plan, track, and achieve bonuses
• Health Benefits
• Retirement Plans
• Paid Time Off
• Paid Continued Education
• 72% of our revenue is spent on payroll
We Grow Your Skill Set
• Paid Management Training
• Mentorships Available
• Educational Data based
• Great team that works together
• Company culture that values empowerment, responsibility, leadership and integrity.
• 5% of our revenue is spent on education
Opportunties To Shine
• Promotion & Director Opportunities
• Leadership Bonuses reward your investment in others
• Opportunities to mentor and educate others and be rewarded
• Give back with us through community engagement
Live Your Purpose
• Be a remarkable contribution to a child’s life.
• Support the whole child with our complimentary multidisciplinary team approach.
• Celebrate patient success such that they are an inspiration for others!
• Be rewarded for your patient’s success in a variety of ways!
• Our Management team cares and supports you to help your team.
• Live a life you love knowing you were the difference.
Staff Share Success...
“I Love our bonus program! It gives a ton of motivation to staff!” - Arrielle, RBT
"I love growing minds, bodies, and spirits at TheraTree Pediatric Services! What a wonderful and inspiring job! I love being able to see kids have fun while meeting goals to build many different developmental skills they need for everyday life. I have seen many successes with many different children even in my short time of being at Theratree Pediatrics. Whether it be attending to a given task for 10 minutes or transitioning without caregiver for the first time…We love to see such BIG successes that might seem so small to others. Even SMALL STEPS MAKE FOR GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND MILESTONES! I love to see children and their families leaving therapy happy and knowing they have accomplished something great! They always say find a job that you enjoy, and you will never have to work a day in your life. That is exactly what I have found in working for this company and with the many children here! I love my job and the rewarding nature of helping grow minds, bodies and spirits!" - Ms. Faith, MS, OTR/L
“There is a sweet client that has been working on feeding at our clinic. Today we completed a telehealth session during breakfast time. He had picked out all his food for his plate and was ready when he joined. He picked out peaches, blueberries, banana, pancakes, and eggs. He took at least 4 bites of everything! Mom even shared that he ate a whole hamburger yesterday. This is so big and we are excited that he is taking steps toward being able to eat food with his family and friends.” - Kaitlin, MS, OTR/L
“My son started at TheraTree almost 2 years ago. At the time he was missing milestones and I could tell he had some sensory issues. TheraTree has helped Andy in so many ways. He has overcome challenges in his everyday life and has overcome some sensory issues. Cole has helped him at first to brush his teeth correctly and overcome sensory issues such as hair cutting, using a toothbrush and food textures. Cole has also been helping my son with being able to stay on task and stay focused when he is overstimulated. Cole has taught Andy to take turns and to be able to share with others. Since Andy has been going to TheraTree he is more focused, and is right on track. Andy has developed new motor skills and social skills. Andy has become a brighter kid. Thank you TheraTree and Cole for all you do for us!” Andy’s Mom
Hear more from our team:
My UNIQUE ROLE: I have a radical idea about my role in healthcare. The children in our community cannot be fixed. Because to be fixed, you must be broken. our kids and our families are not broken. They may be facing challenges; challenges that are real valid and affecting their life. I see that. It IS my role to give children and families access to living happy, healthy, and well balanced lived. This access is created through developing the skills and giving the tools for living life. It's an access for their VOICE to be heard, their BODY to move, and to become INDEPENDENT. The children and families who walk through my doors are not broken, they are perfectly imperfect humans and I believe this to our core. It is my mission to create a community aligned in this vision; to give children and families access to happy, healthy and well-balanced lives through removing barriers. Together, we grow minds, bodies, and spirits. - Jessica Hatfield, Owner/CEO
Additional Information
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer offering the right candidate a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and remain passionate about working with pediatrics. We also offer a comprehensive benefits plans, include a retirement plan with employer match. Professional development opportunities and support also offered, in the applicable field to support our therapists in their continuing education and growth.
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their resume and cover letter.
Employment Type: OTHER