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Senior Executive Assistant

TheraTree Pediatric Services, LLC

Location: Owensboro, KY, 42303, US
Type: Non-Remote
Posted on: November 19, 2022
Who we are: TheraTree is a pediatric therapy practice in Western Kentucky who is committed to growing minds, bodies, and spirits through Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, and Mental Health Therapy. We're out to create thriving children who's voices are heard, bodies that move, they are independent experiencing a life they love, and are in turn an inspiration for what is possible in life.
Senior Executive Specialist Purpose:
To facilitate the CEOs capacity to generate a community in alignment with the companys purpose such that this community is organized in a legal, solvent, expanding therapy practice where all members produce their products in high quality and quantity thus fulfilling families and children accessing happy, healthy, well-balanced lives.
Valuable Final Product:
A CEO who is so incredibly efficient and freed up can produce a viable, expanding well managed, and productive therapy practice
Skills & Qualities of Senior Executive Assistant Confident & outgoing
Enthusiastic and empowered in life
Demonstrates consistent work behaviors
Attention to details
Effective and efficient problem solver
Excellent attendance and punctuality
Demonstrates safe behaviors and responds with the correct level of urgency
Flexible with and adapts quickly to changes at a moment's notice
Exhibits responsibility and professionalism
Maintains excellent ethics and integrity
Thrives in an intense, fast-paced environment
Personally aligned with the companys mission
Able to professionally represent the company to the community
Excellent writing, editing, grammatical, organizational, and research skills
Demonstrates respect for diversity and inclusion
Excellent organization skills
Can prioritize tasks and manage the time accordingly
Driven to meet goals/targets
Follows through on all programs, projects, and tasks
Desire to learn and advance skill set
Takes responsibility for professional competence
Maximizes all learning experiences
Shares knowledge with others in divisions
Extremely savvy with all technology including the following:
• Social media platforms
• Objective Management Suite
• EMR Statistics and Insights
• Programs such as email, word, excel, PowerPoint
• Prezi Presentations
Duties & Responsibilities of Senior Executive Assistant Responsible for providing comprehensive support to the CEO
Reports directly and only to the CEO
Works directly with senior-level staff and HR
Maintains an excellent understanding of the roles and responsibilities of:
• Members of the Executive Council directly overseen by the CEO
• Members of the Advisory Council directly overseen by the Executive Council
• All posts in the organization
Meets the wants and needs of the CEO
• Aware of CEOs wants and needs
• Understands CEO's personal and professional priorities
• Anticipates CEOs needs in advance
• Readily available for any task needed completing by the CEO
• Conserves CEOs time by reading, researching, collecting and analyzing information as needed
Incorporates leadership skills into daily activities
• Facilitates the mission and vision of the company
• Flexible in work schedule and travel
• Leads by example by attaining ladder levels
Strategic Integrity
• Writes Administrative Scale as directed by CEO
• Assigns and meets deadlines for programs, projects, and tasks
• Understands, follows, and enforces all Policies and Procedures
• Writes and submits policies, procedures, and hats for approval to the CEO
• Understand Company Statistics
• Creates spreadsheets
• Enforces daily, weekly, monthly, and annual targets to ensure annual goals are met
• Statistics are entered timely, accurately, and completely
Understands all the products and sub-products of every post in the organization
Maximizes Productivity through statistical tracking
• Establishes a reality of production levels with staff by communicating targets, goals, and progress
Ensure weekly conditional formulas are established by management
• Reviews battle plan in advance of meeting
• Ensure executives correctly apply working conditions and formulas to divisions/posts to increase statistics
• Activity coordinates a plan for stats through executives
Coordinates resources on behalf of the CEO such that Executive team is:
• Well-educated on their hat and how their role affects the function of the company
• Easily managed due to being effective directors and clearly defined
• Motivated and striving for maximum professional knowledge
Organizes performance reviews for Executives
Organizes meetings
• Reviews CEOs personal and work schedules
• Schedule meetings on the EMR schedule such as Executive and Advisory Council Meetings
• Briefs CEO on meeting information and topics ahead of time with recommended strategies
Manages CEOs time
• Ensures the CEO is always on time
• Completes follow-ups and confirms meetings of CEOs to prevent no shows
• Screens for double bookings and schedule errors
Handles CEOs personal tasks such that their time and production is maximized
• Placing orders (Ex. coffee, meal delivery, groceries, retail etc)
• Makes personal appointments (Ex. doctor appointments, dinner reservations, personal trips etc)
• Personal, family, and holiday arrangements
• Schedules repairs and transportation for auto and/or home services
Coordinates Travel
• Constantly aware of the CEO's travel plans
• Understanding annual conferences and events including but not limited to: AOTA Conference, Peds-a-palooza, ISIC Symposium and others
• Is aware of and tracks registration dates and schedules
• Seeks and applies discounts
• Requests availability information and confirms before booking travel
• Registers for events and conferences on behalf of CEO
• Books hotel, flights, car rentals, ground transportation, and restaurant reservations on behalf of CEO
• Uses the correct credit card to maximize benefit points
• Creates detailed travel itineraries that allow for adequate time to travel
• Travel apps are utilized for tickets with photo back-up
• Willing to travel with the CEO in order to assist with events
• Ensures CEOs basic needs are met at all times
• Organizes fun activities and runs errands
CEOs Communication
• Is the primary point of contact for all communication with the CEO
• Extremely quick and responsive to all communication
• Uses discretion, confidentiality, and good judgment to handle C-Level matters
• Determines appropriate course of action, referral, or response reflecting CEOs style and organization policy
• Maintains CEOs image in the highest professional light
• Management communication through:
• Filtering and screening communication
• Responds to communication on behalf of the CEO
• Proofreads for grammar and errors
• Manages
• Emails
• Text Messages
• Phone Calls
• Social Media
• Company-wide memos
Creates, designs, and prepares professional and engaging digital and printed communication
• Information is:
• Clear, easy to read, to the point
• Error-free
• Includes references in correct format
Contributes to CEOs Public Relations
• Communicates one consistent message is going out for the company
• Ability to start and foster relationships with others directly and in pursuant to CEOs duties
• Makes appearances at events and networks with excellent PR
• Manages CEOs contacts
• Memorizes key people, faces, facts, and feeds information to CEO + others to improve PR
• Listens for opportunities
• Collaborates efficiently with others to produce a high-quality product in a quick time frame
CEOs records kept and supplies maintained:
• Writes down information as dictated by CEO and implied
• Organizes information
• Submit information to staff, public members, and/or institute
• Keeps expense reports and receipts and submits to bookkeeping
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Our Investment in You
Stable Base pay
We help you plan, track, and achieve bonuses
Health Benefits
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Paid Time Off
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We Grow Your Skill Set
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