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Registered Nurse - Operating Room-Full Time

Athens Orthopedic Clinic

Location: Athens, GA 30606
Type: Non-Remote
Posted on: May 22, 2022
This position will be assigned to the Operating Room, Athens ASC.
Athens Orthopedic Clinic believes that every individual deserves the opportunity to enjoy good health and be physically active. With specialists in most every musculoskeletal discipline, and comprehensive facilities for imaging, surgery, rehabilitation and performance, AOC strives to provide a superior experience across the entire spectrum of orthopedic care.
Director, ASC
Provides care in the ambulatory setting directed toward meeting both the psychosocial and physical needs of the patient. Is a resource person and teacher. Care given reflects initiative and responsibility indicative of professional expectations. Utilizes initiative and strives to maintain steady level of productivity. Is a self starter. Is compatible and supportive; and a team player. communicates on behalf of the patient reflects the mission, ethics and goals of the facility as well as the focus statement of the department.
Graduate of an accredited technical school of Nursing; Bachelor's Degree preferred.
One (1) year experience preferred.
Current Registered Nurse licensure in state of Georgia.
Interest in QI/PI activities, sharing educational opportunities as well performing some employee health nurse tasks as needed.
Ability to read and communicate effectively in English.
Basic computer knowledge.
Physical/Mental Requirements - Ability to visually and audibly perform all essential functions for timely responsiveness.
Exceeds Expectations = 5: Performance consistently surpasses all expectations for the position and frequently influences others to help bring the expectation to a higher level of performance. This category is to be used for truly outstanding performance.
Meets Expectations = 3: Performance meets expectations for the position. Activities contribute to department results. This category is to be used for strong performers.
Does Not Fulfill Expectations = 1: Performance rarely meets expectations of the position. This rating indicates a serious problem and a need for corrective action.
1. Customer Service Interactions: Organization expectation is employees will exhibit good customer techniques and positive interactions with all patients, visitors and co-workers.
a. Customer Service Complaints: Regularly exhibits good customer techniques in daily interactions with patients, visitors, and co-workers.
b. Telephone Etiquette: Exercises proper telephone etiquette: Introduces self, identifies department, greets caller courteously. Ensures caller is routed appropriately and asks if there is anything further they need prior to ending the call.
2. Personal and Professional Responsibilities: Organization expectation is employees will complete all personal and professional responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner.
a. Professional Certifications and Continuing Education: C ompletes all required continuing education programs and in-services with prescribed time frames. Ensures certifications are current and are not allowed to lapse.
b. Professional Demeanor: C ontributes in a positive manner to the professional environment of the organization. Participates and provides input to staff meetings.
c. Attendance: Maintains attendance and tardiness per organization policy.
d. Paylocity clocking: C locks in and out or records hours worked correctly.
3. Organization Policy and Procedures: Adheres to the policies and procedures of the organization. (May only score Does Not Fulfill Expectations or Meets Expectations)
a. Dress Code: Adheres to organization and/or department dress code.
b. Policy Adherence: Refers and adheres to appropriate policies and procedures in daily job performance. Seeks interpretation as needed. Maintains on-going review of all new/revised policies.
c. Administrative Decisions: Accepts and supports administrative decisions.
d. Cost controls: Controls costs and expenses by efficient management of departmental resources, elimination of waste, inventory control, charging, billing, coding and resource utilization.
4. Ethics and Compliance: Employee’s conduct reflects the organization expectation of the highest levels of ethic and compliant conduct. (May only score Does Not Fulfill Expectations or Meets Expectations)
5. Safety: Uses proper precautions to prevent injury to self or others. Reports any safety issues immediately to management. (May only score Does Not Fulfill Expectations or Meets Expectations)
1. C ordinates and supervises patient care.
2. Gives care to the patient, reflecting flexibility in rules and regulations, as indicated by individual patient needs.
3. Makes decisions reflecting knowledge of facts, knowledge of diseases/surgical conditions, care required and good judgment.
4. Performance reflects knowledge in all areas of care specific to ASC .
5. Manages and operates equipment safely and correctly.
6. Organizes and manages nursing activities reflecting due consideration for patients' needs and the needs of the facility and staff.
7. Utilizes initiative; strives to maintain steady level of productivity; a self starter; compatible and supportive; a team player.
8. Knowledge of medications and IV fluids and their correct administration, based on age of the patient and patient's clinical condition.
9. Ability to perform a head-to-toe preoperative assessment on all patient and reassess, as needed postoperatively. This includes adolescent, adult, geriatric and the general patient population.
10. Ability perform pain assessment, intervention, management and patient/family education.
11. Provide patient with explanation and verbal reassurance consistently.
12. Identifies physical symptoms and changes and takes appropriate action in a timely manner.
13. Knowledge of cardiac monitoring and can identify dysrhythmias.
14. Communicates appropriately and clearly to Administrator, co-workers and physicians.
15. Demonstrates an ability to assist physicians in the ASC
16. Demonstrates an ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations.
17. Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity. Practices good guest relations.
18. Maintains a good working relationship and effective communication both within the ASC and for the benefit of the patient.
19. Meets current documentation standards and policies.
20. Identifies and addresses psychosocial needs of patients and family
21. Carries out medical and surgical asepsis during treatments and special procedures.
22. Maintains an environment that provides the patient and family with feelings of safety and security.
23. Maintains regulatory requirements; nursing and facilities policies, procedures and standards.
24. Completes in-services as assigned and required.
25. Attends annual review and in-services as scheduled.
26. Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner
27. Actively participates in performance improvement and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities.