Materials Clerk

JPS Health - Fort Worth, Texas
October 13, 2021
Materials Clerk
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Job Description:
Description: The Materials Clerk is responsible for coordinating the ordering, inventory, receiving, and distribution of all clinical and/or non-clinical supplies and/or materials. The Materials Clerk has delegated authority to purchase goods in accordance to the Networks policy and in an effective manner consistent with the requestor/user needs. The Materials Clerk is also responsible for records retention related to costs, delivery, and inventory levels. This position provides back-up support to staff, as required.
Typical Duties:
• Acquires materials or supplies and places orders, inventories, receives, and distributes. Reviews, and tracks purchases through the purchasing process.
• Coordinates purchases for interdepartmental and intradepartmental customers by interacting with external businesses (e.g. vendors, agencies, delivery companies, etc.).
• Ensures adequate delivery of services is achieved for patient and/or nutritional care services by maintaining appropriate stock and/or inventory levels in order to facilitate and sustain the Networks business operations.
• Coordinates assignments and/or information, as requested by management team.
• Compiles and maintains inventory records of the quantity, costs, and type of materials, equipment, merchandise, or supplies stocked in the organization.
• Ensures storerooms have appropriate type and volume of supplies/materials to meet patient care and/or service needs.
• Maintains department inventory lists to include assets, expendables, and other related materials.
• Compares inventory records against physical count of inventory and makes adjustments to or investigates inaccuracies.
• Provides and demonstrates good customer service behavior in the conduct of daily work interactions.
• May identify and report malfunctioning equipment to management for repair.
• Performs other related job duties as assigned.
Required Education and Experience:
• 2 plus years work experience ordering, inventory, receiving, and/or distributing materials/supplies.
Preferred Education and Experience:
• High School Diploma, GED or equivalent
• Experience with healthcare supply chain and/or materials management preferred.
Location Address:
1500 S. Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas, 76104
United States
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