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Nursing Assistant

Aaron Manor Nursing & Rehab Center

Location: Fairport, NY 14450
Type: Full-Time, Non-Remote
Posted on: August 27, 2021
This job is no longer available from the source.
Nursing Assistant
Aaron Manor Nursing & Rehab Center
35 reviews
Fairport, NY 14450
Aaron Manor Nursing & Rehab Center
35 reviews
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Job details
Job Type
Full Job Description DESCRIPTION
Complete free online course at, certificate of completion required.
On the job paid CNA (certified nurse aide) training eligible for a $500 bonus upon certification.
Job Summary: Provides direct and indirect resident care activities under the direction of an RN or LPN. Assists residents with activities or daily living, provides for personal care, comfort and assists in the maintenance of a safe and clean environment for an assigned group or residents.
• Admissions : Assists in the preparation for admission of residents such as ensuring the bed is made, personal hygiene products delivered to room such as wash basin, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, etc. Assists with transfers, weight, introduction, unpacking personal items for resident.
• Transfer/Discharge : Assists in and accompanies residents in the transfer and discharge procedures. (Assist resident to pack personal belongings for discharge, assists in transferring resident or personal belongings and gives report in lateral transfers, strips bed and empties room after transfer or discharge).
• Personal Care : Provides personal care which may include sponge bath, bed bath, shower or whirlpool per resident preference, oral hygiene, combing hair, skin care, shaving residents, dressing or undressing residents for am or hs cares, changing bed linen, cleaning overbed table and bedside stand, straightening room and other general care as necessary throughout the day. Provides personal care in a dignified manner, provides privacy, respects residents rights and choices on personal care.
• Toileting : Provides toileting and incontinence care to residents per care plan and when requested or needed and does so in a timely manner. Ensuring residents stay clean and dignified; free from incontinence. Follows toileting and incontinence care plan to make all attempts to maintain resident’s continence. *Reports to nurse changes such as if resident has not urinated for the shift, blood or odor in urine, increased incontinence or urinary frequency, urinary retention, constipation or loose stools.
• Pain Management : Assists in ensuring residents quality of life is preserved by remaining free from pain. Notifies appropriate licensed staff when resident complains of pain whether physical or emotional pain such as signs of depression.
• End of Life Care : Ensures residents at end of life or on hospice services are kept clean, dry and comfortable. Provided frequent checks for comfort and reports to nurse any sx of discomfort such as labored breathing, facial grimacing or restlessness. Oral care: uses mouth swabs throughout shift for residents no longer taking anything by mouth, uses a&d to lips for moisture. Comforts and gives extra support to residents and family. Treats resident and family with compassion and respect. Provides postmortem care as needed.
• Skin Care and Skin Protocol : Participates in providing proper skin care keeps residents skin clean, dry and intact. Uses moisturizers on dry skin and barrier creams on incontinent residents as instructed. Follows pressure prevention care plans providing turning and positioning, bed to chair schedules, incontinence rounds, heel booties, floats heels as instructed per care plan. Observes for and reports any skin issues or concerns immediately to nurse and in shift huddles/reports. Ensures all assigned residents have appropriate wheel chair cushions in place per care plan.
• Transferring Resident : Demonstrates proper technique and use of equipment providing safe resident transfers. Demonstrates competency in mechanical lifts, slide boards, 2 assist, 1 assist, gait belt use. Always checks and follows residents care plan for transfers.
• Residents Rooms : Keeps resident’s environment clean and safe, free from tripping hazard, ensures garbage’s are empty and free from soiled briefs or dirty linen, beds are made, extra linen are not stock piled in rooms. Bathrooms are clean and free from mixed or contaminated personal items in shared or community bathrooms or shower rooms. Bed pans, urinals and oral hygiene products are labeled in shared bathrooms or kept in personal nightstands.
• Resident Belongings : Takes good care and keep of resident’s belongings, does not misappropriate resident personal items by using them on or with other residents such a personal hygiene products or personal supply of briefs. Reports any missing items to supervisor, nurse manager or social work.
• Weights : Obtains and monitors resident weight, uses scales accurately and performs weights in a timely manner when due or requested. Demonstrates competency using all scales.
• Walking Rounds : Completes walking rounds with outgoing shift; knows whereabouts of assigned residents. Completes walking rounds with oncoming shift to ensure the unit is left in good condition. Gives report to oncoming shift.
• Care Plan Compliance: Demonstrates compliance in reading/interpreting care plans as well as consistently follows them. Attends care plan meetings as required and requested, participates in resident care planning and reports resident changes from care plan to nurse manager as well as communicates pertinent information to nurse manager such as resident preference, positive behavior approaches or daily routine to care plan.
• Bed Making : Makes residents bed neatly and in a timely manner every morning with cares and as needed after naps. Ensures linen is dry and clean prior to making beds. Ensures proper linen is on bed being a fitted sheet, draw sheet, top sheet, blanket and pillows cases on all pillows.
• Resident Dining: Assists in a positive dining experience for the residents. Uses proper hand hygiene when handling food, passes trays in compliance with policy of checking items on ticket and ensuring correct diet and consistency is provided, passes trays in a timely manner, passes one table at a time, offers fluids to residents waiting an extended amount of time for food while others are eating, removes items from tray, uses place mat, assists resident who need help with eating, sits at eye level, engages with residents, ensure all aspiration precautions are upright and supervised with meals. Observes and reports any residents who are not eating adequately, coughing with meals, or have noticed changes in their ability to eat or self-feed. Assists in cleaning and emptying dining room immediately following meal.
• Clothing : Ensures residents are dressed properly and assists per care plan. Ensures that clothing is properly stored in bedside stand or on hangers in closet. Preserves resident’s dignity by ensuring they are wearing clean dry clothes free from food, stains, incontinence, holes or ill fitting. Reports to social worker or nurse manager when a resident needs new clothes. Assists in ensuring residents clothing is labeled and not missing, properly cares for clothing of residents whose family will do laundry by not sending them down to laundry, places them neatly in designated area or room free from feces and that a sign is placed on their closet.
• Linen : Checks unit for adequate linen. Cleans linen cart and ensure hall linen carts are covered with no items on top, removes from hall when not in use for linen pass or rounds. Provides clean linen and clothing.
• Customer Service : Treats residents, families and co-workers with respect and dignity. Demonstrates good customer service, is warm and friendly.
• Hydration : Distributes drinking water to assigned residents every shift (completes water pass) and assists in distributing unit nourishments to residents as ordered and when nourishment tray is brought to unit on day and evening shift. Understands the need for residents to remain free from dehydration and offers and assists with extra fluids between meals. Reports to nurse when resident are not taking in adequate fluids for the shift.
• Appointments : Accompanies residents to appointments, as needed. Ensures residents are toileted, properly dressed for the weather, ensures ALL residents in wheelchairs have leg rests on prior to going out of building for safety.
• POC Documentation : Demonstrates competency and compliance with requirement that all assigned residents POC documentation must be completed every shift before leaving the building. Demonstrates ability and compliance for accurate POC documentation.
• Resident Choices and Preferences : Offers choices to residents regarding their care, times of care, choices in clothing, bathing ect. Respects and honors residents’ preferences. Promotes resident quality of life.
• Infection Control : Demonstrates competency in infection control such as proper hand hygiene, does not wear gloves in hall, changes gloves and washes hands appropriately. Works clean to dirty with glove changing and hand washing when providing cares, changes wash basin water, dons and doffs gloves per regulations pre and post peri care. Cleans resident equipment between uses, ensures resident personal care products are not shared between residents.
• Infection Control: Is competent in: use of PPE (mask, gloves, gown, goggles), sharps safety (sharps boxes, where they are and what they are used for), Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, assists in the cleaning and disinfecting of environment surfaces and shared objects on units.
• Infection Control : Maintains all isolation precautions as ordered. Ensures isolation carts are stocked, isolation garbage or linen bins are emptied every shift. Understands droplet, contact, airborne and universal precautions.
• Call Bells : Answers “All” residents’ call lights in a timely manner, anticipates residents’ needs and makes rounds on unit. Does not use “that is not my resident” approach and demonstrates the willingness to assists all residents and staff in need when requested.
• Assistive Devices : Ensures residents have their assistive devices and they are clean and in good working order as care planned such as: dentures, glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and prosthetic devices, walker, wheelchair ect.
• Transportation of Residents : Assists in transporting residents to and from meals, therapy, activities inside appointments as needed or requested. Uses leg rests for safety.
• Monitoring: Reports any observed change in condition or behavior of residents and or unusual incidents. Uses and understands stop and watch too / alerts.
• Accidents and Incident Reporting : Reports all incidents or injuries such as: skin tears, bruises, falls, choking, resident wandering in nonresident areas, confused resident attempting to leave facility, resident attempts or threats of suicide to hurt self or others, resident to resident verbal or physical aggression and any other incidents observed or heard of that could potentially cause harm to a resident.
• Abuse Reporting : Understands and follows the policy on abuse reporting, reports any questionable signs or observations of abuse whether verbal, physical, emotional, of resident to resident, staff to resident, or visitor to resident. Reports any accusation or suspicion to immediate supervisor and removes resident from any potential harm.
• Must have the ability to acquire knowledge of and develop skills in basic nursing procedures and simple documenting.
• Establishes and maintains interpersonal relationship with residents, family members and other facility staff while assuring confidentiality of resident information.
• Attends inservice education, as requested, to learn new treatments, procedures, developmental skills, etc.
• Practices careful, efficient and non-wasteful use of supplies and linen and follows established charge procedure for resident charge items.
• Must be able to follow directions, both oral and written, and work cooperatively with other staff members.
• Possesses a genuine interest and concern for geriatric and disabled persons.
Professional Requirements:
• Adheres to dress code, wears name badge, appearance is professional, neat and clean. No long artificial nails, no large or long dangling jewelry, no large dangling earrings.
• Completes annual education requirements.
• Maintains regulatory requirements and active NYS certification.
• Maintains resident confidentiality at all times.
• Reports to work on time and as scheduled, completes work within designated time.
• Wears identification while on duty, uses computerized punch time system correctly.
• Completes education/in-services in a timely fashion. Monthly and annually and as requested.
• Attends annual review and department inservices, as scheduled.
• Attends staff meetings such as shift huddles/reports.
• Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner.
• Actively participates in performance improvement and continuous quality improvement (CQI) and QAPI activities.
• Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.
• Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the facility.
• Makes eye contact, smiles and greets others by name
• Make an effort to get to know team members, residents and their families.
• Learn about and deliver on the needs of the residents
• Do what you say you will do
• Follow up in a timely manner
• Take time to listen to and understand others
• Recognize and share successes of our Life in Balance culture in action
• Be willing to help others
• Reach out and ask for help when needed
• Speak positively about our care center and the people who live & work here
• Bring positivity and fun to the work environment
• Accept and learn from mistakes
• Be flexible and adaptive to changes in the work environment
• Seek to find solutions to problems
• Take responsibility for the quality of your work
• Seek out information you need to be your best
• Share your knowledge and expertise to help others
• Be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our care center and what we do
• Communicate and work together across departments
Regulatory Requirements:
• High School graduate or equivalent.
• Current Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification in State of New York
Language Skills:
• Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.
• Basic computer knowledge.
Physical Demands:
• For physical demands of position, including vision, hearing, repetitive motion and environment, see following description.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position without compromising resident care.
100 St Camillus Way, Fairport, NY 14450, USA