Mindoula Health - Owensboro, Kentucky
May 2, 2021
Owensboro, KY
Does providing hope, compassion, and support to individuals facing substance exposed living who may be feeling overwhelmed and in need of help appeal to you? Are you seeking a fulfilling career where you can be an important advocate for care teams and a compassionate leader who inspires a team to follow?
As a Therapist/Counselor you will be the clinical lead responsible for managing a multidisciplinary team of Therapists/Counselors (LCSW/LPC), Peer Advocates (CPRS), and Nurse Advocates (RN), who are providing and coordinating care on behalf of individuals facing substance exposed living, across a geographic region. You will steward our trauma-informed, innovative approaches to client engagement in close collaboration with community partners. You will enjoy the flexibility and autonomy to work from home while leading the team and providing clinical services in office, home, community, and telehealth settings. While leading the team, you will ensure that the team, both individually and collectively, maintain their standards of excellent care + community and uphold expectations for engagement, yielding desired outcomes. Our teams address substance exposed living situations, with an emphasis on women’s health and opiate exposed pregnancy. We meet our clients where they are and our engagements are person-centered, focused on high quality interactions and sustainable outcomes using evidence-based tools. If you are passionate about making a difference through community engagement as well as clinical care, we would love to have you join us. You will work within a family-focused culture and have the benefit of learning both the clinical and business sides of StrongWell.