Intervention Teacher - Fordsville Elementary

Ohio County Schools - 359 W Main St, Fordsville, KY 42343
April 29, 2021
1. Kentucky certificate, license, or other legal credentials required.
2. Experience and other qualifications as specified by the Superintendent.
3. Ability to work effectively with students
4. Ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, and colleagues.
1. Students and assigned Assistants
To plan, organize and deliver programs of instruction that support the premise that all students can learn and implements activities that promote the learning goals and "academic expectations" of school improvement in Kentucky.
1.0 Demonstrates Professional Leadership
1.1 Builds positive relationships within and between school and community.
1.2 Promotes leadership potential in colleagues.
1.3 Participates in professional organizations and activities.
1.4 Writes and speaks effectively.
1.5 Contributes to the professional knowledge and expertise about teaching and learning.
1.6 Guides the development of curriculum and instructional materials.
1.7 Participates in policy design and development at the local school, within professional organizations, and/or within community organizations with educationally related activities.
1.8 Initiates and develops educational projects and programs.
1.9 Practices effective listening, conflict resolution, and group-facilitation skills as a team member.
1.10 Adheres to school board policies and administrative procedures
1.11 Adheres to the state Professional Code of Ethics
1.12 Demonstrates punctuality and good attendance for all duties
2.1 Communicates a breadth of content knowledge across the discipline(s) to be taught.
2.2 Communicates a current knowledge of discipline(s) to be taught.
2.3 Demonstrates a general knowledge that allows for integration of ideas and information across disciplines.
2.4 Demonstrates an overall knowledge of one's discipline(s) that allows the teacher to teach to the students's ability levels and learning styles.
2.5 Connects content knowledge to real-world applications.
2.6 Plans lessons and develops instructional material that reflect knowledge of current constructs and principles of the discipline(s) being taught.
2.7 Analyzes sources of factual information for accuracy.
2.8 Presents content in a manner that reflects sensitivity to multicultural and global perspective.
2.9 Collaborates with teachers in other disciplines to analyze and structure cross-disciplinary approaches to instruction.
3.1 Focuses instruction on one or more of Kentucky's learning goals and academic expectations.
3.2 Develops instruction that requires students to apply knowledge, skills, and thinking processes.
3.3 Integrates skills, thinking processes, and content across discipline.
3.4 Creates and utilizes learning experiences that challenge, motivate, and actively involve the learner.
3.5 Creates and uses learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate for learners.
3.6 Develops and incorporates strategies that address physical, social, and cultural diversity and that show sensitivity to differences.
3.7 Arranges the physical classroom to support the types of teaching and learning that are to occur.
3.8 Includes creative and appropriate use of technologies (e.g., audiovisual equipment, computers, lab equipment, etc.) to improve student learning.
3.9 Develops and implements appropriate assessment processes.
3.10 Secures and uses a variety of appropriate school and community resources to support learning.
3.11 Develops and incorporates learning experiences that encourage students to be adaptable, flexible, resourceful, and creative.
3.12 Uses knowledge acquired from past teaching experiences to anticipate instructional challenges.
4.1 Communicates with and challenges students in a supportive manner and provides students with constructive feedback.
4.2 Maintains positive classroom interaction by establishing appropriate expectations during group activities.
4.3 Shows consistent sensitivity to individuals and responds to students objectively.
4.4 Shows flexibility and creativity in the development of classroom processes and instructional procedures.
4.5 Locates and organizes materials and equipment to create an enriched multimedia environment.
4.6 Encourages and supports individual and group inquiry.
4.7 Uses a variety of classroom management techniques that foster individual responsibility and cooperation.
4.8 Analyzes and changes the classroom to accommodate a variety of instructional strategies.
4.9 Works with colleagues to develop an effective learning climate within the school.
5.1 Communicates specific goals and high expectation for learning.
5.2 Connects learning with student's prior knowledge, experiences, and backgrounds, and aspiration for future roles.
5.3 Models/ demonstrates the skills, concepts, attributes, and/or thinking processes to be learned.
5.4 Uses and develops multiple teaching/learning strategies that are appropriate to student developmental levels and actively engages students in individual and cooperative learning experiences.
5.5 Provides opportunities for students to increase their knowledge of cultural similarities and differences.
5.6 Stimulates students to reflect on their own ideas and those of others.
5.7 Uses appropriate questioning strategies to help students solve problems and think critically.
5.8 Manages student examination of social issues relative to course content, possible responses, and associated consequences.
5.9 Demonstrates interpersonal/team membership skills and supportive behavior with students in facilitating instruction.
5.10 Presents differing viewpoints when integrating knowledge and experiences across disciplines.
5.11 Makes effective use of media and technologies.
5.12 Makes efficient use of physical and human resources and time.
5.13 Provides opportunities for students to use and practice what is learned.
5.14 Identifies student misconceptions; provides guidance; and offers students continuous feedback on progress toward expectations.
6.1 Selects and uses appropriate assessments.
6.2 Makes appropriate provisions for assessment processes that addresses social, cultural, and physical diversity.
6.3 Assesses student performance using the established criteria and scoring guides consistent with Kentucky's assessment program.
6.4 Provides opportunities for students to assess and Improve their performance based on prior assessment results.
6.5 Collects and analyzes assessment data and maintains up-to-date records of student progress, using technologies as appropriate.
6.6 Communicates expectations, criteria for assessment, student progress, and student strengths and weaknesses to parents and students.
7.1 Assesses and analyzes the effectiveness of instruction.
7.2 Makes appropriate changes to instruction based upon feedback, reflection, and assessment results.
7.3 Assesses programs and curricula proposes appropriate recommendations and needed adjustments.
8.1 Initiates collaboration with others and creates situations where collaboration with others will enhance student learning.
8.2 Discusses with parents, students, and others the purpose and scope of the collaborative effort.
8.3 Articulates expectations for each collaborative event, e.g., time lines and responsibilities.
8.4 Demonstrates productive leadership and team membership skills that facilitate the development of mutually beneficial goals, e.g., issue and conflict resolution.
8.5 Secures and makes use of school and community resources that present differing viewpoints.
8.6 Recognizes and responds appropriately to differences in abilities, contributions, and social and cultural backgrounds.
8.7 Invites colleagues, parents, community representatives, and others to help design and implement collaborative instructional projects.
8.8 Analyzes previous collaborative experiences to improve future experiences.
8.9 Assesses students' special needs and collaborates with school services and community agencies to meet those needs.
9.1 Establishes priorities for professional growth.
9.2 Analyzes student performance to help identify professional development needs.
9.3 Solicits input from others in the creation of individual professional development plans.
9.4 Applies to instruction the knowledge, skills, and processes acquired through professional development.
9.5 Modifies own professional development plan to improve instructional performance and to promote student learning.
10.1 Operates a multimedia computer and peripherals to install and use a variety of software.
10.2 Uses terminology related to computers and technology appropriately in written and verbal communication.
10.3 Demonstrates knowledge of the use of technology in business, industry, and society.
10.4 Demonstrates basic knowledge of computer/peripheral parts and attends to simple connections and installations.
10.5 Creates multimedia presentations using scanners, digital cameras, and video cameras.
10.6 Uses the computer to do word processing, create databases and spreadsheets, access electronic mail and the Internet, make presentations, and uses other emerging technologies to enhance professional productivity and support instruction.
10.7 Uses computers and other technologies such as interactive instruction, audio/video conferencing, and other distance learning applications to enhance professional productivity and support instruction.
10.8 Requests and uses appropriate assistive and adaptive devices for students with special needs.
10.9 Designs lessons that include technology and human issues to address diverse students needs and different learning
10.10 Practices equitable, and legal use of computers and technology in both professional and personal activities.
10.11 Facilitates the lifelong learning of self and other through the use of technology.
10.12 Explores, uses, and evaluates technology resources: software, applications, and related documentation.
10.13 Applies research-based instructional practices that use computers and other technology.
10.14 Uses computers and other technology for individual, small group, and large group learning activities.
10.15 Uses technology to support multiple assessments of student learning.
10.16 Instructs and supervises students in the ethical, and legal use of technology.
Primary Location Fordsville Elementary Salary Range Per Year Shift Type Full-Time