EEG Technician

Owensboro Health - 42303
April 23, 2021
EEG TECHNICIAN Allied Health Hours: flex Variable Hours - PRN (As needed) Paygrade/Wages/Salary Info: OH 2013-74 - 40348A
Job Summary Continuously monitors patients undergoing continuous EEG recording for safety, either in room or via remote video monitoring. This person could monitor a patient who is having a continuous EEG. This person would not have been trained in the measurement, preparation, of the patient for the EEG but would monitor the EEG wave forms similar to that of a cardiac monitor technician in CMU. # Job Responsibilities Possesses knowledge of monitoring system and camera controls. Alerts nursing and/or technologist staff when clinical seizures or other paroxysmal events occur. May communicate with patients and bedside staff to obtain information about events. Reviews patient#s record and instructs patient prior to and during procedures. May assist Neurodiagnostic technologists as needed such as in restocking supplies, electrode removal and disinfection. Maintains equipment and supplies. Verifies identity of patient and provides adequate patient ID on all studies. Protects patient confidentiality. Evaluates the patient for comprehension and ability to cooperate. Utilizes approved methods to improve patient cooperation/relaxation. Educates the patient and/or family on the test procedure, interacting on a level appropriate to the patient#s age and mental capacity. Implements alternative methods or adjusts controls to obtain optimal recording. This may include appropriate control setting changes on the machine, use of extra electrodes, extra montages, and use of activation procedures. Recognizes artifacts (patient, instrumental, or environmental). Documents, eliminates, or takes proper measures to monitor the artifact. Attends to patient needs while in the department and ensures patient safety at all times. Demonstrates knowledge of appropriate actions to take during emergency situations Ensures electrical safety of patient and staff. Demonstrates knowledge of departmental infection control standards relating to patient, equipment, and electrodes. Complies with department/institution guidelines for handling of infectious/hazardous materials. Keeps equipment clean and in proper working order. Verifies appropriate calibrations and makes adjustments, if necessary. Troubleshoots equipment problems and repairs or reports to supervisor promptly. Demonstrates positive interpersonal communication skills with patients, their families, lab staff, physicians, and other members of the hospital staff. Demonstrates basic computer skills. Reviews studies with REEG Technologists and/or interpreting physician and implements suggestions for quality improvement. Expands knowledge by participation in conferences, in-services, and independent study Performs other duties as assigned. Qualifications High school diploma, General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or higher None required upon hire BLS - Certified as a Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider required within 90 days of employment in this position Skills and Attributes Requires critical thinking skills and decisive judgment. Works under minimal supervision. Must be able to work in a stressful environment and take appropriate action. Physical Demands Standing: Frequently Walking: Frequently Sitting: Occasionally Lifting 0-25 lbs: Frequently Lifting 25-75 lbs: Rarely Lifting over 75 lbs: Rarely Carrying 0-25 lbs: Frequently Carrying 25-75 lbs: Rarely Carrying over 75 lbs: Rarely Pushing/Pulling 0-25 lbs: Frequently Pushing/Pulling 25-75 lbs: Frequently Pushing/Pulling over 75 lbs: Frequently Climbing: Occasionally Bending/Stooping: Frequently Kneeling: Occasionally Crouching/Crawling: Occasionally Reaching: Frequently Talking: Frequently Hearing: Frequently Repetitive Foot/Leg Movements: Rarely Repetitive Hand/Arm Movements: Frequently Keyboard Data Entry: Frequently Running: Occasionally Vision: Depth Perception: Frequently Vision: Distinguish Color: Frequently Vision: Seeing Far: Frequently Vision: Seeing Near: Frequently Owensboro Health Core Commitments INTEGRITY - We conduct ourselves with a high level of responsibility, reliability and honesty because we take seriously the trust of our patients and coworkers. RESPECT - We value and accept the unique talents and contributions of every patient, customer and team member in the Owensboro Health community. TEAMWORK - We build a spirit of connectivity and fellowship by striving together to overcome obstacles, surpass goals, celebrate accomplishments and plan the future. INNOVATION - We foster original ideas and creative solutions that improve our daily work and promote the mission of Owensboro Health. SERVICE - We focus on service to patients, customers and team members by anticipating their needs, thoughtfully meeting those needs and continually improving the quality of everything we do. EXCELLENCE - We reach beyond basic expectations to expand our knowledge and awareness, produce exceptional work and provide outstanding service.