Technical Supervisor Weekend Option, Fri/Sat/Sun

Crittenden Community Hospital - MARION, KY, 42064, US
April 13, 2021
JOB SUMMARY: The technical supervisor is responsible for the technical and scientific oversight of the laboratory to include: oversight of testing, and quality control; monitoring documentation of preventative maintenance and repair of equipment; reviewing and planning workload: back-up call; inventory control and ordering of supplies; other projects relating to the efficient operation of the department as assigned; routine testing procedures on assigned shift. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:--- Meets all requirements of clinical laboratory supervisors as defined and                 applicable in CLIA ‘88 regulations.---Assists Administrative Director in hiring new or replacement personnel.---The supervision and monitoring of all  laboratory procedures at CCH. Such procedures will cover patients in the following ages:  Neonatal, Pediatric, Adolescent, Adult, and Geriatric.---Verifying the test procedures performed, and establishing the                                   laboratory's test performance characteristics,  including the precision                               and accuracy of each test and test system.---Interacting with lab director, administrative director and other departments and/or professionals concerning the technical aspects of laboratory services.---Monitoring compliance with regulations concerning technical aspect of lab work.---Coordinating and monitoring Quality Control procedures.---Coordinating in the preparation of all test procedure manuals, and all other manuals required by  regulating agencies.---Being able to perform laboratory testing in all areas in the laboratory and will substitute for or assist laboratory associates in the performance of their duties as needed.---Ensuring availability of supplies.---Resolving technical problems, and ensuring that remedial actions are taken whenever test systems deviate from the laboratory's established performance specifications.---Evaluating the competency of all testing personnel, and ensuring that the staff maintain their competency to perform test procedures and report test results promptly, accurately, and proficiently.  The procedures for evaluation of the competency of the staff must              include, but are not limited to the following: Directly observing routine patient test performance, including patient preparation, if      applicable, specimen handling, processing, and testing.Monitoring the recording and reporting of results.Reviewing intermediate test results or worksheets, QC records, proficiency testing      results, and preventive maintenance and function checks.                    Directly observing performance of instrument maintenance and function checks.Assessing test performance through testing previously analyzed specimens, internal blind testing samples, external proficiency testing samples.             Assessing problem solving skills.Identifying training needs, and ensuring that each individual performing tests receives regular inservice training and education appropriate for the type and complexity of the laboratory services performed. ---Substituting for Administrative Director in his/her absence. ---Ensuring that necessary and applicable technical CE and Inservices be completed and documented on all technical associates.---Responsible for enrollment and participation in an HHS approved proficiency testing  program commensurate with the services offered.---Responsible for establishing a quality control program appropriate for the testing performed and establishing the parameter for acceptable levels of analytic performance and ensuring that these levels are maintained throughout the entire testing process from the initial receipt of the specimen, through sample analysis and reporting of test results.---Responsible for ensuring that patient test results are not reported until all corrective actions have been taken and the test system is functioning properly.---Responsible for review and evaluation of new technologies, methods, and equipment available for technological advances in laboratory medicine.---Evaluating and documenting the performance of individuals responsible for high complexity testing at least semi-annually during the first year the individual tests patient specimens.  Thereafter, evaluations must be performed at least annually unless test methodology or instrumentation changes, in which case, prior to reporting patient test results, the individual’s performance must be re-evaluated to include the use of the new test methodology or instrumentation.---Assists the Medical Director and Administrative Director in the implementation of IQCP and update of such.ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Promotes and participates in performance improvement activities.Supports the corporate mission: "To provide quality, cost-effective healthcare in a        positive and productive work environment."Adheres to the corporate values: Respect, quality service, teamwork, simplicity, and      creativity.Must attend all mandatory inservices. QUALIFICATIONS:Education, Training or Experience:Baccalaureate Degree in a laboratory science or medical technology.MT-ASCP certification or equivalentMinimum of 5 years experience as a hospital  Laboratory Supervisor.Physical Demands:Standing / walking for long periods at a time.Light lifting / bending / reachingWorking at computer for long periods at a time.Work Environment:Working with compressed CO2Frequent contact with water handwashing and cleaningSufficient noise and interruptions to cause distraction and stress.Hazardous working conditions in which individual is exposed to definite risk of bodily injury through contact with moving instrumentation, chemicals, and/or body fluids.             Exposure Category:    Category 1 Employment Type: Full-Time