Administrative Lab Director

Crittenden Community Hospital - MARION, KY, 42064, US
April 13, 2021
JOB SUMMARY:The Administrative Director implements the hospital's mission, goals, and objectives by establishing and directing the short-term and long-term vision, values, and goals of the departments and all outlying areas where testing is performed.  She / He manages the Lab Depts. of Hematology, Serology, Urinalysis, Transfusion Medicine, Microbiology and Coagulation to assure satisfactory completion of QC / QA / QI, education, proficiency testing, competency validation, hazardous waste management, Medicare and billing compliance, CPT coding,  equipment procurement, productivity, and Chemical hygiene & safety programs.  She / He maintain the departmental information system, FDA, WKRBC, IQCP & CLIA compliance, all policies, procedures, departmental budgets, and all departmental assets.   She / He maintain effective patient, physician and interdepartmental relations, and perform other administrative functions toward the attainment of these goals.  She / He may gather / collate / organize / present information for the Administrative department for the purpose of participating in various state, federal, and private health programs.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Management:Responsible for fiscal management of CCH Laboratory Services.Oversight and performance of Continuing Quality Improvement functions, (CQI);      monitors quality of CQI relating to federal and state regulations for Clinical                  Laboratory Dept. and ABG performance in Cardiopulmonary Dept.Establishes and monitors chemical hygiene and safety practices in relation to           OSHA, federal and state regulations for Clinical Laboratory Dept. and ABG                   testing personnel.Monitors and coordinates Laboratory personnel qualifications, interviewing, hiring,        disciplinary actions, evaluation, and staffing as mandated by the CLIA '88                regulations, CLIA, Board of Directors and Administration.Maintain appropriate staffing levels for timely and appropriate level of patient care. Encourage and maintain good morale within department. Responsible for systematic review/revision of all Laboratory methods, quality control,   procedures and coordinates additions to and deletions from Laboratory test menus       to include Revenue coding, CPT coding, WL reporting, and productivity.Such procedures will cover patients in the following age groups: Neonatal, Pediatric,      Adolescent, Adult, and Geriatric.Responsible for coordination with CCH Medical Staff; providing continuing               education in relation to Laboratory Services;  is responsible for interactions               with other departments and professionals concerning laboratory services.Problem resolution and contract negotiations  with Industrial and commercial               clients.Performs other related duties as assigned.   Responsible for planning and developing a strategic plan for department, for              coordinating activities with reference laboratories and pathology laboratories.Responsible for continuing education of Clinical Laboratory personnel, ABG               testing personnel, and other dept staff as needed; coordinates to develop               necessary procedures, manuals, safety materials, and plans. With Business Office Manager and CFO, reviews and establishes               reimbursement and finance procedures for Clinical Laboratory Dept., and               participates in necessary CCH committee functions as assigned:  EOC, QAPI,               Clinical Team, Dept. Leaders, Antibiotic Stewardship, DUE, MLT Advisory           Committee WKCTC and MCC and Ambassador Program.May assemble and present information for applications to HMO's and other               Managed Care proposals as they relate to laboratory testing.Must possess sufficient academic, technical, clinical skills and knowledge to               evaluate, troubleshoot, research, and resolve day-to-day problems that arise or special projects as assigned by supervisor.Be familiar with and comply with all Regulatory Compliance regulations                regarding any procedures ordered, performed or billed in the department.Responsible for addition and deletion of testing services as recommended by                Medical Director and Medical Staff.Revision of Critical Values, High and Low Normal values in cooperation with                Medical director and Medical StaffReview and revision of Chargemaster, CPT coding, and medical necessity                checks.Review and revision of workload reporting, productivity and budgetary variance.Responsible for review and evaluation of new technologies, methods and                equipment available for technological advances in laboratory medicine.Equipment research, demonstrations, procurement, contract negotiation                installation, staff training, correlation of methods and Method revision                procedures for emerging and improved technology.Responsible for staying current with changes in: Medicare fee schedule                compliance, CLIA legislative changes,  anti-mark-up legislation related to                laboratory testing, competitive bidding legislation project for laboratory                testing, physician fee schedule legislation, legislation on billing of TC and                PC for Pathology testing, FDA Transfusion Medicine changes, OSHA updates and COLA accreditation changes. Contract negotiations and liaison with Industrial and commercial clients for laboratory testing, drug screens including DOT.Responsible for HIPPA compliance throughout laboratory and staff.Maintain KY Sentinel Laboratory status for Emergency preparedness as well as  certification in shipping and handling of biohazardous materials. Assign Proficiency samples to laboratory and cardiopulmonary staff and sign off on proficiency reports.Clinical Laboratory: The Director must be knowledgeable concerning all clinical areas of lab operations and procedures to assure performance and compliance at acceptable levels. Must meet or designate a CLIA approved B.S. MT/CLS or equivalent to perform the specific performance standards for the Technical Supervisor of the laboratory and supervise all lab associates according to performance outlined in their specific job descriptions.  In specific task skill areas, the Administrative Director will be evaluated with input from the Pathologist.The supervision and monitoring of all laboratory/cardiopulmonary ABG procedures in their specific section on all shifts, while maintaining an environment of teamwork with all other departments.Performing and assuming duties, responsibilities during absences of Sr. Analysts.Responsible for oversight of all projects by establishing objectives and rationale, policies, procedures, and data gathering and reporting mechanisms that coincide with the philosophies of the hospital and department and meet any and all stated objectives.  Such projects may include but are not limited to quality assurance / performance improvement, IQCP, continuing education, hazardous waste management, safety, procedure manuals, compliance with regulations concerning technical aspects of work, quality control procedures, involved in system updates and troubleshooting of computer- related problems, and any other projects or duties as determined by the Medical Director.Verifying the test procedures performed, and establishing the laboratory's test performance characteristics, including the precision and accuracy of each test and test system.Interacting with the Medical Director/Pathologist, and other departments and/or professionals concerning the technical aspects of laboratory/cardiopulmonary services to include procedure review and implementation.Performing, coordinating, monitoring and troubleshooting Quality Control Procedures/IQCP in all clinical areas.Ensuring availability of supplies.Resolving technical staffing, and client problems, and ensuring that remedial actions and corrective actions are taken whenever systems deviate from the laboratory's established performance specifications. Ensuring that necessary and applicable technical CE and Inservice be completed and documented on all technical associates.Oversee all functions necessary for the successful operation of the lab such as ordering blood, performing and documenting quality control, and insuring that results of testing are posted in the proper place within a timely manner.Oversee the practice of clinical laboratory science in all areas, to include high complex procedures/high risk procedures such as the examination of materials or specimens taken from the human body to provide information or materials for use in the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease or the assessment of a medical condition.  This includes the pre analytic, analytic, and post analytic phases of such examinations.Performs clinical laboratory examinations as well as clerical duties as needed.  May be required to perform duties in any one or a combination of specialty areas of the laboratory depending on the scope of the laboratory's activity and availability of personnel.  This will include phlebotomy duties.Responsible for clinical laboratory examinations on body fluids and exudates utilizing quantitative, qualitative, or automated methods. Performs abnormal hematological examinations.  Studies the macroscopic and microscopic morphology of blood and body fluid constituents to obtain data for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease including proficiency testing, quality control, and validation studies.Oversees the performance of Immunohematologic examinations including compatibility testing, unexpected transfusion outcome investigations, antibody detection / identification, and related procedures as listed above to include therapeutic phlebotomies.Responsible for performance and interpretation of stained preparations of blood and body fluids to obtain data for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.Receives written, electronic or telephone requests from physicians for routine or special laboratory tests.Interacts with and/or performs clinical laboratory examinations on patients of all ages.  Obtains specimens for clinical laboratory examination directly from any patient of any age, including infants.Responsible for the operation of all scientific instruments, and required procedures within the laboratory. Must be able to use independent judgment and knowledge to perform related tasks.Family Practice Clinic Laboratory:  The Administrative Director will staff and oversee day to day operations in the Family Practice Clinic Collection Site/Lab.  Will work with the physicians and Family Practice Clinic staff to provide the testing and supplies necessary to care for their patients.Cardiopulmonary ABG Testing: The director must be able to assure appropriate performance of personnel during ABG collection and testing procedures. Monitor the QC, Correlation, Proficiency Testing, corrective actions, ABG equipment procurement and QA guidelines for accuracy and compliance to Federal and State regulations.   ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Support and encourage the corporate mission: "To provide quality, cost-                      effective healthcare in a positive and productive work environment"Adhere and enforce adherence to the corporate values: Respect, quality                         service, teamwork, simplicity, creativity.Must attend all mandatory in-services.Enforce, support and participate in all regulatory compliance policies and                      procedures;Maintain and enforce strict confidentiality with regards to patients and                          associates of CCH. QUALIFICATIONS:Education, Training or Experience:-Bachelors Degree or Associate of Science Degree in a laboratory-related science or equivalent if shares responsibility of technical operation with CLIA approved Technical Supervisor.- Certification and registry as a Medical Technologist or equivalent unless shares responsibility of technical operation with CLIA approved Technical supervisor.- A minimum of 5 years successful working experience in laboratory.- A minimum of 3 years successful supervisory experience in laboratory.- Ability to interact with physicians and hospital department managers.- Ability to organize and prioritize tasks effectively in order to meet established deadlines.- Must maintain knowledge of current, state-of-the-art developments in Clinical  Laboratory, and strive to continually develop skills in the management of Laboratory and        ABG testing areas.Physical Demands:- Long periods of time sitting / working at computer.- Manual dexterity in order to manipulate tubes, pipettes, specimens, etc.- Occasional lifting, bending, reaching- Occasional extended periods of time on feet while conducting patient testing or       other activities in the main laboratory- Excellent time management skills. Work Environment: - Exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals and specimens - Ability to work / cooperate in close proximity to co/workersExposure Category:  Category 1 Employment Type: Full-Time