Summer Feeding Food Service Manager

Owensboro Public Schools - 450 Griffith Ave, Owensboro, KY 42301
March 30, 2021
SUPERVISES: Food service employees working with Summer Feeding Program.
• High school diploma, GED certificate.
• Competence in management skills, food preparation, mathematics, and record keeping
• Leadership and personality traits for working with team members.
• Demonstrate or develop skills in food preparation, reading and following institutional recipes, with at least three years’ experience in food service operations.
• Demonstrate or develop skills in use and care of institutional equipment.
• Positive attitude toward students, staff and school.
• Must meet the requirements of 702 KAR 6:045 which prescribes the necessary qualifications and training of beginning school food service employees.
• Has met the requirements of the Criminal Record Check as specified by Kentucky state law.
• Has met health requirements as specified in district personnel policy.
• Must have access to a phone from residence.
• Experience work with Summer Feeding Program.
• Meal production planning and scheduling.
• Applicable District, Federal and State Laws, rules and regulations related to food service.
• Quantity food preparation and food merchandising.
• Nutrition, sanitation and operation regulations and requirements.
• Use and care of institutional equipment and utensils.
• Record-Keeping techniques.
• Principles and practices of supervision and training.
• Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.
• Procedures used in ordering, receiving, storing and inventorying food and supplies.
• Health and safety rules and regulations pertaining to food establishments, including sanitation and maintenance regulations.
• Budget preparation and control.
• Oral and written communication skills.
• Inventory methods and practices.
• Manage and coordinate the day-to-day food service operations at an assigned school site.
• Assure compliance with District, State and Federal requirements.
• Plan well-balanced, nutritional and appetizing menus within a fixed budget.
• Operate a computer terminal as required.
• Maintain records and prepare reports.
• Hire or recommend for hire and train others in the preparation and serving of food in large quantities.
• Read, interpret, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
• Work independently with little direction.
• Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.
• Meet schedules and time lines.
• Schedule, supervise and evaluate staff.
• Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
• Plan and organize work.
• Follow  lunch and breakfast menus according to meal pattern requirements and recommendations from the School Food Service Director.
• Work with cooks in implementing and evaluating planned menus for meal pattern requirements, nutrient content, appearance and student acceptance in accordance with school district standards.
• Plan maximum use of USDA donated foods.
• Maintain a standard recipe file and ensure the use of standardized recipes in food preparation.
• Direct the use of accepted procedures in the preparation of all foods to ensure palatability and nutrient content.
• Ensure the use of recommended methods in measuring and weighing ingredients.
• Supervise food production and meal services to assure that emergency substitutes comply with meal pattern requirements.
• Monitor production and service to comply with local and state Health Department sanitation regulations.
• Thaw, cook, serve and maintain foods at correct temperatures.
• Promote effective merchandising techniques; keep abreast of menu trends and new products.
• Maintain menu and production records according to procedures established by the State Agency and school district policies.
• Plan effective use of leftover foods.
• Organize banquet/special meal service as needed.
• Use school districts' standard procedures, records and forms to requisition and/or purchase food, supplies and equipment.
• Receive food and non-food supplies in accordance with School District policies and check invoices against original orders and bid price sheets.
• Follow school districts' procedures for inspection of goods received for quality specified and for the return of unacceptable goods.
• Supervise proper storage of purchased foods, USDA donated foods and non-food supplies in accordance with storage requirements.
• Implement and supervise the appropriate inventory procedures for purchased foods, USDA donated foods, supplies and equipment as established by the school district and State agencies.
• Supervise the activities of cafeteria workers.
• Organize work assignments and schedules for all cafeteria workers and supervise the implementation of these assignments.
• Maintain record of cafeteria workers’ hours (including sick days, personal days and emergency days).  Verify cafeteria labor bills for accuracy each pay period.
• Maintain a financially sound program.
• Follow all assigned financial management procedures.
• Complete all assigned daily records and reports accurately and submit all required reports to the districts' central office on a timely basis.
• Request repairs and replacement of equipment as needed.
• Inspect refrigeration and freezer units on a regular basis.
• Supervise the use of basic procedures required for the cleaning and sanitizing of work areas, utensils and equipment.
• Establish a routine cleaning schedule and checkup system.
• Work with insect and rodent control plan according to school district procedures.
• Develop an effective method of garbage and refuse disposal.
• Identify potentially hazardous areas and take appropriate preventative measures.
• Follow school districts' first aid procedures.
• Know procedures for the use and operation of fire extinguishers for each type of fire.
• Report accidents and refer potential safety hazards to the District School Food Service Operations Coordinator and/or School Administrator.
• Classified salary schedule
This posting expires April 7, 2021 or when filled.
Equal Education and Employment Opportunities M/F/D
Primary Location District Wide Salary Range Per Hour Shift Type Full Time