Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

Owensboro Health - Owensboro, KY, 42303
February 3, 2021
Provides specialized clinical pharmacy services to patients in designated specialty patient care areas and coordinates these services with other healthcare practitioners and educators. Coordinates the activities of clinical pharmacists and Doctor of Pharmacy students assigned to the specialty area.
INTEGRITY - We conduct ourselves with a high level of responsibility, reliability and honesty because we take seriously the trust of our patients and coworkers.
RESPECT - We value and accept the unique talents and contributions of every patient, customer and team member in the Owensboro Health community.
TEAMWORK - We build a spirit of connectivity and fellowship by striving together to overcome obstacles, surpass goals, celebrate accomplishments and plan the future.
INNOVATION - We foster original ideas and creative solutions that improve our daily work and promote the mission of Owensboro Health.
SERVICE - We focus on service to patients, customers and team members by anticipating their needs, thoughtfully meeting those needs and continually improving the quality of everything we do.
EXCELLENCE - We reach beyond basic expectations to expand our knowledge and awareness, produce exceptional work and provide outstanding service.