FT HUC Thur, Fri, and Sat Nights 5p-5:30a

Livingston Hospital & Healthcare Services - Salem, KY 42078
February 10, 2021
FT HUC Thur, Fri, and Sat Nights 5p-5:30a
Livingston Hospital & Healthcare Services
Salem, KY 42078
Under the direct supervision of the shift supervisor, performs the receptionist and secretarial duties on the patient care unit while functioning as the focal communication source in the nursing station.
1. Receptionist Activities
a. Receives, greets and directs patients, visitors, and hospital personnel arriving on or calling the patient care unit in a prompt and courteous manner.
b. Acts as focus of communication in the nursing station regarding all patient care activities and needs, as well as patient location, and able to provide information and direction regarding the same.
c. Receives requests from patients and families and refers requests to nursing staff or appropriate hospital personnel.
d. Responds to patient call lights and communicates patient’s needs to staff members in a prompt manner.
e. Observes hospital and unit policy in assisting and directing patients, staff, and visitors.
f. Functions as communication’s focus during emergency situations, does over head paging in emergency situation when instructed by physician or nurse, relays STAT requests when necessary.
2. Clerical and Secretarial Activities
a. Uses computer system to coordinate patient services and inputs data into computer system as necessary.
b. Records and delivers accurate messages for patients and staff.
c. Receives and distributes flowers and various other items for patients on the unit.
d. Prepares paperwork for providers to make rounds on patients in morning and evening.
e. Prepares and completes accurate daily census for medical records.
f. Assists in obtaining health records from our medical records office after hours and from other facilities when requested.
g. Maintains adequate quantity of forms, materials, supplies, and equipment inventory on assigned unit.
h. Maintains assignment board, discharge board and patient specimen board.
3. Patient Record/Chart Activities
a. Initiates, assembles, and maintains charts for all patients on the unit.
b. Helps to complete all necessary forms, requisitions, and communications necessary to implement orders.
c. Helps to maintain patient MedAct and information contained in same.
d. Files diagnostic and laboratory reports in appropriate patient chart.
e. Maintains the patient chart in appropriate, functional order.
f. Monitors location of chart at all times.
g. Assists in preparing chart, making copies and other activities when patient being transferred to another facility.
h. Disassembles chart and prepares it to go to Medical Records upon discharge or expiration of the patient.
i. Reviews orders and sends daily laboratory, respiratory, and x-ray orders to appropriate departments.
• Exhibits good communication skills for answering the telephone and providing information to the providers, nurses and other health care professionals.
2. Communicates all pertinent patient care information and general environmental information to the House
Supervisor/Charge Nurse.
3. Maintains privacy for patient and employee information at all times.
4. Monitors and observes cardiac telemetry monitors at all times and reports alarms to license nurse.
5. Initiates patient supply charge sheet according to patient status and replaces daily.
6. Monitors the ambulance radio and notifies ER nurse or House Supervisor/Charge Nurse when necessary.
7. Participates in Emergency Radio checks.
8. Registers Emergency room patients when registration is not available.
9. May be asked to assist nurse aides in simple procedures as needed
10. Other duties as assigned by CNO, House Supervisor/Charge Nurse.
11. Attends in-service education programs as assigned.
12. Attends all but 2 Nursing staff meetings per year unless excused by Nursing Administration. PRN staff
are only required to attend 2 per year.
1. High School graduate, GED or equivalent work experience including ability to read, write, comprehend
medical terminology, and sufficient computer skills.
2. Previous experience in clerical or receptionist position, hospital experience or satisfactory completion of
training program preferred.
3. Must be responsible, mature, dependable and able to work with a variety of different people in a very busy
3. Ability to perform detailed assignments, work under pressure, and relate to patients, hospital staff, and
visitors in a courteous manner.
4. Must have proficient communication, auditory and visual skills; attention to detail and ability to write
5. Must be able to do multiple tasks.
May require sitting for long periods of time. May require walking for errands. Requires the ability to use hands for typing and updating medical records. Stressful due to multiple tasks and working with multiple departments.
Well-lighted, well ventilated, but cramped office area at the nurse’s station shared with nursing staff members.