PRN OR Housekeeper Aide

Livingston Hospital & Healthcare Services - Salem, KY 42078
January 15, 2021
PRN OR Housekeeper Aide
Livingston Hospital & Healthcare Services
Salem, KY 42078
Maintains a clean infection free environment for patients, visitors and employees under the supervision of the OR Director and /or direction of a nurse supervisor.
The surgery aide supports the OR staff by assisting with patient transports, restocking linens/supplies, transporting lab specimens/patients. Take vital signs, assist moving patients, cleans surgery and the entire surgery dept. The primary responsibility is housekeeping for the OR department according to AORN Standards and Recommended Practices & LHHS Policy and Procedures.
• Chief Executive Officer
• Chief Nursing Officer
• Operating Room Director
• Operating/PACU Nurse
I. Provides patient care.
A. Respects the rights and privacy of patients including not entering surgical areas during procedures or recovery area unless instructed to do so.
B. Safely transports patients & assists with moving patients/equipment.
C. Obtains vital signs, dietary trays, assists with patient ambulation when requested by the nurse in charge of that area.
D. Transports needed supplies and specimens.
E. Restocks linens in all areas of the OR suite.
F. Works with the director and all staff members on a set schedule including a call-back schedule.
II. Cleans the OR suite.
A. Assists with OR cleaning between cases.
1. Transports soiled linen and trash.
2. Cleans the OR furniture/equipment, surfaces, walls and floor.
3. Uses LHHS policy & procedures, including universal precautions.
B. Terminally cleans the OR at the conclusion of surgical cases. Furniture and equipment is thoroughly cleaned with a hospital approved disinfectant. Follow LHHS infection control policy.
C. Responsible to clean all other areas of the OR suite after procedures are completed and patient is discharged.
D. Takes call and assists finding a replacement for days requested off. Follow LHHS employee handbook for requested days off, sick, PTO days and vacations.
III. Accountable as a health care professional.
A. Respects the rights of patients by maintaining confidentiality and privacy of the patients.
B. Provides a safe, efficient and supportive environment for the patient.
C. Demonstrates sound judgement in decision making.
D. Recognizes the importance of teamwork, consideration, and cooperation within the operating room.
E. Promotes responsibility as an individual and member of the health care team.
F. Assists in the coordination of efforts of all members of the health care team.
G. Functions in an efficient and professional manner in all aspects of surgical care.
H. Develops a code of behavior that includes ethical and moral responsibilities.
I. Understands that each practitioner is individually responsible for his/her actions.
J. Recognizes legal and policy limitations in individual responsibilities.
High school diploma or GED.
Previous housekeeping/aide experience preferred.
Ability to perform required assignments, follow directions, work with minimal supervision, use proper care of hospital equipment/supplies, maintain patient privacy and work/relate well with patients & staff.
Recommend Certified Nursing Assistant.
Attends mandatory in-services (CPR, fire drills, annual competency, dept. meetings, etc.)
A. Expected to be able to lift 50 times, lift/transport patients.
B. Expected to be able to stand, stoop, climb a ladder as necessary and walk for long periods of time.
C. Good physical and mental health, work under pressure, fast paced, and relate well with patients, visitors and staff.
D. Responsible to read and follow guidelines of the LHHS employee hand book and policy & procedures.
A. Significant exposure to blood and body fluids, expected to use personal protective equipment.
B. Well-lit, climate controlled ventilated area.
Call will consist of nights, weekends and Holidays. Relief of on call duty must by authorized by your
Employees will be paid an hourly rate for authorized on call time and must be able to return to work within 30 minutes after notification of need to return to work. Guidelines for call pay will follow the Livingston Hospital & Healthcare Services, Inc. employee handbook policy.
OVERTIME REQUIREMENTS : Follow Livingston Hospital employee handbook policy.