FT Radiology Techn (additional modalities in CT/US/Mammo pre

Livingston Hospital & Healthcare Services - Salem, KY 42078
January 5, 2021
FT Radiology Techn (additional modalities in CT/US/Mammo prefer)
Livingston Hospital & Healthcare Services
Salem, KY 42078
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Job Type
Full Job Description POSITION SUMMARY:
Radiology Technologist
Under the direction of the Radiologist performs radiographic procedures at a technical level not requiring constant supervision of technical detail. Performs a variety of technical procedures that will require independent judgment with ingenuity to apply prescribed radiation for diagnosis of disease. Assumes responsibility for designated areas or procedures as required.
Part-time employee.
Day and Evening shift and (1-2) weekend per month or as needed for departmental needs.
On-call duties as scheduled on weekdays and weekends.
Holidays worked on rotation or as requested by employee.
Hours per week and shifts maybe changed to meet department needs.
Example: High census, low census, vacations and sick leave coverage.
A. Routine
1. Notes that patient is properly gowned for radiographic examination.
2. Determines anatomical position to radiograph affected area.
3. Positions patient, film, radiographic tube for examination.
4. Selects accessories such as grids, blockers, immobilizing devices, etc. and adjusts accessory equipment, and adjusts equipment controls in accord with established procedure.
5. Selects proper radiological techniques on an individual basis.
6. Prepares opaque for administration; administers some opaques; and prepares them for sterile injection.
7. Sets up room for special procedures.
8.Responsible for Diagnostic Radiology procedures, CT,
for examinations requiring mobile equipment, and for surgical
radiographic procedures.
9.Maintains adequate records concerning radiological procedures.
10.Provides protection in accord with established procedures.
11.Practices sterile technique and prevents cross contamination
12.Rotates in department and emergency night call as required.
13.Checks patients armband and request for examination.
14.Assists in preparing technique charts, discarding outdated films,
and in performing first aid if necessary
15.May assume some responsibilities of clerk,
a dark room technician; and transport patients.
16.Assist with Quality Assurance Monitors.
A. Public Relations
1. Extensive contact with patients because of nature of work.
2. A lot of contact with employees of X-ray department and some contact with physicians regarding patient for instructions, etc.
3. Very limited contact with public.
A. Education
1.Certified by the appropriate registry and/or possess unrestricted state licensure.
Kentucky General Certificate
Attend a total of 24 hours continuing education credit every two(2) years for license renewal.
Additional training or certification may be required to include other specialty areas in Radiology
1. Work may be medium to heavy when positioning patients for X-ray procedures.
2. May lift patients or assist attendant in lifting them on and off X-ray table.
3. Standing most of the time, pushing and pulling mobile X-ray equipment to site where X-rays are to be taken.
4. Reaching required for handling film, film holders, supportive devices, and machine controls.
5. Talking and haring necessary to give patient instructions. Near visual acuity and department perception needed to examine exposed film for pertinent detail.
6. Special perception is necessary to visualize inner structure of human body in relation to X-ray tube and film in order to obtain radiographs of diagnostic value.
7. Form perception is necessary to perceive details in X-rays to determine acceptability of exposure.
8. Clerical perception needed to perceive pertinent detail in technique charts and instructions relating to specific radiological procedures to be carried out.
9. Manual dexterity needed to adjust machines and their supportive devices.
10. Must be able to work under considerable mental pressure at times and able to accept and benefit from constructive criticisms.
11. Must not be overly emotional to patient condition but be sympathetic to needs and demands of patients and physicians.
1. Works inside. Electrical and radiant energy hazards are present. Wears a protective apron and gloves during certain procedures; must wear film badge.
2. X-ray machine units, Film, fluoroscope, cameras, and protective garments.
Type of Supervision
Occasional – most duties are similar with standard procedures and instructions as guidelines. Any unusual problems are referred to the Department Manager.
This job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities and qualifications required of employees assigned to the job.