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Talus Payments - Owensboro, Kentucky
January 6, 2021
Talus Payments
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Owensboro, KY
Owensboro, Kentucky, US
8-figure FinTech Company Seeking Entrepreneurial Rockstars Who Want Build A
Business, Earn Unlimited Recurring Income, And Manage Their Own DayBut Without
All The Risk
We're looking for ambitious, driven, and money-hungry A-Player entrepreneur-like individuals.
The rock stars we hire are ready to own their future like a business owner, make life-changing recurring income in a growing industry, and do it all while having the support of a profitable corporate company.
Theres a reason why the word job is actually an acronym for just over broke. At most jobs your earning potential is capped, youre merely trading time for money, and youre likely in a dead-end industry with sub-par colleagues and managers.
Youre working a quintessential dead-end 9-5er and ready for change if...
You Cant Control How Much You Make - Humans want to feel in control, especially with their money. Try all you want, your salaried job, and even your sales job, has a limit.
Youre Trading Time For Money - Time is more valuable than money, but its the money that buys you the time. Right now, youre likely just clocking in the hours in exchange for a paycheck.
Your Salary Can Be Taken From You - Even when youre trading your precious time for that measly check, youre not in control of who decides if you should keep your job. Sure, you can
hit your numbers to stay employed, but you really dont get to decide if youre fired or laid off.
Your Boss Runs Your Life - You have a boss thats micromanaging the heck out of you. Even if theyre not, you still have to report to them, like a child reporting to parents.
You Feel Like A Cog In The Machine - You need your job to help pay the bills and take care of your family, but its just a vision-less company where you're just a spoke in the wheel, punching the clock with no purpose.
You Cant Risk Going Out On Your Own - You believe youre capable of building something on your own. It just feels a bit too scary to take on the financial risk. You feel stuck.
There is an alternative, so keep reading...
For the right candidate, the Solution Consultant position at Talus Pay is the opportunity youve been waiting for.
We need entrepreneurial-minded individuals ready to exit their mediocre day jobs and finally take control of their careers, their time, and ultimately, their income. They are ready to accept
the challenge of building and owning a book of business, but without having to sacrifice every penny in the process.
You could be the perfect fit for our Solution Consultant role if...
You Want To Decide How Much You Make - There are no caps to how much money you make. Business owners build businesses because they can make as much (or as little) as they want.
You Want To Generate Lifetime Commissions - Almost all sales jobs pay one-time commissions at sale or fulfilment. Our role pays you a commission every month for as long as you and the client are with us.
You Want To, Eventually, Sell A Business - Build your business and earn recurring income and then, after staying with us at least 2 years, you can sell it back to us for a nice check to fund your next thing...or just ride off into the sunset.
You Want To Build On Someone Elses Dime - The scariest part of building any business on is the financial risk. Its hard to give up your income and benefits AND pay for business costs.
Well pay you a small salary, benefits, and even cover some of those expenses. Theres also a
You Want World-Class Training & Mentorship - Our team has over 50 years of experience at some of the biggest and best companies like First Data, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of
America. Business owners often credit success to their training and support systems. Well teach and mentor you in both payments and sales.
You Want To Own Your Day - Real business owners work when they know its best to work to make as much money as possible. You set your hours for your business.
You Want To Work In A Growing Industry - As we transition to a more cashless world, payments will only grow. Businesses will always need to take credit cards.
You Want To Sell State-Of-The-Art Products - Peter Drucker (look him up) wrote that there are only two basic functions to a business: product & marketing. Youll sell the most technologically advanced products on the market and youll get the marketing to help you sell.
You Want To Work With The Most Reputable Company - While we cant make all 15,000 of our merchants happy, we try our best and it shows. We have a 4.8 of 5 rating with the Better
Business Bureau. We have a 4.4 of 5 rating on Google. And we have 4.4 of 5 rating on
Make no mistake about it, though, this is not for everyone. This position is...
Not For Those Who Want A Comfortable 9 to 5 - Real business owners know they cant always just turn it off at 5pm to hit up happy hour. Do not apply if you just need to collect a paycheck so you can make all the happy hours.
Not For Those Who Need A Full Time Salary Now - We provide a small monthly salary, benefits, and other perks, but businesses take time to build. D_ o not apply_ if you need a full time salary the day you start.
Not For Those Looking to Get Rich Quick - This is not like one of those MLMs that promise youll get rich in just a few short months. It takes time. Do not apply if youre trying to get rich quick.
Not For Those Who Cant Manage Their Time - Successful business owners understand how to prioritize and manage their time in order to get things done. D_ o not apply_ if you make excuses for unfinished work.
Not For Those Who Dont Want To Interact With Clients - Businesses sell products or services to clients, ours included. Do not apply if you dont like client interaction.
On the other hand, we want you on our team if
You Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset - Youve read this far because you know you can create something more for yourself. All entrepreneurs just want to build their own thing. Do apply (after reading this entire posting) if you have this mindset.
You Think Big AND Do - Whatever your big goals are, the most important part is that you do.
Do apply (after reading this entire posting) if youre known for doing what you say you will do.
You Enjoy Relationship Building - Building a business is building relationships to sell a product or service. Do apply (after reading this entire posting) if you like building relationships.
You Can Balance Hard Work With Patience - Successful owners believe that, Rome wasnt built in a day, but they know Rome never gets built if they dont work. Do apply (after reading this entire posting) if youre ready to patiently, but steadily, build your version of Rome.
You Can Work On A Smaller Salary As You Build - We dont know of other companies offering a salary or benefits to help build a business. While it wont be a big salary, you will receive something to get started. Do apply (after reading this entire posting) if you are ready to build your own business.
If youve read this for/not for list and find that youre still interested in the opportunity, then it sounds like we could be a good fit. If you feel the same, then apply now. When you get to the screening question, How many years of sales experience do you have?, please answer with
50. This tells us who has read the whole posting.
If you still think this is a place you can thrive, then read on to learn more about who you would be working with. We want to make sure you feel like our team is the right fit.
If chosen, youll be working with A-Player problem-solvers who have an experience-mix of payments, big brand-name corporate, and high-growth startup.
Here are a few of the people (amongst others) that youll be working with
Kim Fitzsimmons, CEO - She embodies the entrepreneur you might aspire to be. She started, grew, and sold her own business. She also has over 25 years of leadership experience with companies like JP Morgan, Cynergy Data, and First Data.
Scott Paape, SVP of Sales & Operations - He brings a unique look to the payments space from his deep experience holding multiple executive roles at both PepsiCo and Dr Pepper
Snapple Group. Its his job to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.
Erik Martinez & Ted Smith, Regional Sales Leaders - Two of your mentors-to-be, they bring over 25 years of merchants services experience from both startup and global payments companies like Paysafe and TSYS. They know payments inside and out and will make sure you do, too.
David Crocker, National Sales Trainer - Another mentor-like figure with experience at Chase
& Bank of America, his sole purpose is to make sure you have both the payments knowledge and the sales skills to succeed.
Rachel Mallary & Chad Vanags, Marketing - This duo has done marketing for some of the countrys top brands including FedEx, Radio Shack, MVMT Watches, Blenders Eyewear, and more. Theyll be here to make sure you have all the materials you need sell.
These are just a few youll have regular interaction with on a daily or weekly basis. Its important to know youre working with A+ players whose only job is to help you build your business.
You dont have to have all or even any of the experience this group has, but you do need to have A-Player potential to help you, the team, and the organization get where we all want to go.
Still here? Dang. That means we might be a really good fit. If you feel the same, then click the apply button. Only completed applications will be accepted.
Were only looking for 40 people to fill the roles, but we've had over 500 people apply just in the last few weeks. If youre serious, apply asap.
We hope you're the Entrepreneurial Rockstar we've been looking for
Talus Pay is an Equal Opportunity Employer
This description reflects managements assignment of essential functions and does not proscribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.