Laundry Aide

Christian Care Center Of Kuttawa Ll - Kuttawa, KY 42055
December 26, 2020
Laundry Aide
Christian Care Center Of Kuttawa Ll
Kuttawa, KY 42055
Accepts the responsibility for processing linens and personal laundry with existing supplies and equipment according to current standard procedures and established schedule.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities
• Assure Resident safety at all times.
• Follows proper techniques in the use of chemicals and potentially hazardous materials in the workplace and ensures that established infection control and universal precaution practices are maintained when performing housekeeping and laundry procedures.
• Sort washable items by fabric, soiled condition and color.
• Keep soiled articles covered until ready to process.
• Use stand ardized procedures to pre-soak, wash, dry and hang or fold articles.
• Operate machines and equipment according to instructions. Report malfunctioning equipment promptly to Supervisor and /or maintenance.
• Promptly attends dryer upon completion of cycle to avoid excessive wrinkling.
• Fold, sort and stack clean linen prior to transporting to storage areas.
• Monitor laundry supplies, such as bleach, detergent, etc. and linen supplies and restocks as necessary.
• Ability to be economical with use of supplies and equipment in the laundry department.
• Maintain security of inventory to ensure availability of adequate laundry supplies.
• Weigh or count laundry items and forwards reports to Supervisor upon request.
• Maintain clean, sanitary and orderly work areas.
• Organize Residents’ personal articles for rapid identification and distribution and make sure they are returned as quickly as possible.
• Ensure safe, clean and sanitary environment, by reporting unsafe/hazardous conditions immediately.
• Adhere to departmental policies and procedures.
• Ensure adherence to Residents’ Rights by maintaining confidentiality and reporting any situations or individuals that fail to respect Residents’ Rights to the Executive Director or Director of Nursing.
• Listen to suggestions from Residents about laundry services and discuss indicated changes with Supervisor.
• Accept change in a positive and productive manner.
• Minimize liability concerns by following standardized work methods, and be particularly attentive to safety precautions, such as, storing supplies in a secure and locked location.
• Knock before entering Resident room and do not interrupt Resident unnecessarily.
• Comply and maintain correct isolation procedures as ordered by physician.
• Follow disease specific techniques as posted on Residents’ door.
• Launder isolation items separately. Use correct detergents/chemicals in processing contaminated laundry. Especially ascertain that contaminated waste and linens are bagged and labeled properly. Perform terminal cleaning when isolation is ended.
• Resident preferences are followed when providing care and service.
• Maintain Resident privacy, values and right for decision making.
• Immediately notify my supervisor and Executive Director if I suffer any injury, illness or develop a condition, regardless of where it occurred, that might impact my ability to perform my job functions.
• Some knowledge of laundry methods, supplies and equipment.
• Follows verbal and written instructions.
• Sincere desire to work with elders and others who have a limited capacity for self-care.
• Mental and physical capacity to perform the essential job functions with or without accommodations.
• Work with and provide care to individuals of a wide range of personality types and maturity levels.
• Willingness to perform routine repetitive tasks.
• Willing to address each Resident by his/her preferred name and to learn and enforce the Residents’ Rights, rules and regulations.
• Demonstrate creative initiative and mature judgment in making competent decisions.
• Consistently maintains courteous, empathic, and professional attitude.
• Maintain confidentiality of all activities and persons.
• Maintain a professional appearance at all times.
• Communicate and comprehend orally and in writing to effectively receive and share information as necessary to perform job duties.
• Transportation accessible to enable flexibility of work schedule.