Afterschool Intermediate Instructional Assistant - Fordsville

Ohio County Schools - 359 W Main St, Fordsville, KY 42343
September 10, 2020
Primary Instructional Assistant
Job Class #8331, 4 hours/180 days
This position is to work with the Afterschool Program at Fordsville Elementary
1. Two years of collegelevel training or successful completion of the Kentucky Paraeducator
Assessment test.
2. Demonstrates competent language skills.
3. Three years experience in working with students with multicultural
and multiethnic backgrounds.
4. Has demonstrated ability to work with children in an organized setting.
5. Participates in program training as specified by the Kentucky Department of Education and
local district.
6. Has met the requirements of a criminal records check as specified by Kentucky State Law.
7. Has met health requirements as specified in district personnel policy.
8. Must demonstrate and/or develop skills to operate office and educational equipment.
Principal or his/her designee
To assist, under the direction and supervision of certified personnel, in providing the best educational experience for all students.
Knowledge Of:
1.1 Basic subjects taught in the District schools, including arithmetic, grammar, spelling, language and reading.
1.2 Safe practices in classroom and playground activities.
1.3 Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.
1.4 Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.
1.5 Basic recordkeeping
Ability To:
2.1 Learn child guidance principles and practices.
2.2 Communicate and maintain effective relationships with students, parents, staff and the public including members of the ethnic communities.
2.3 Perform routine clerical duties in support of classroom activities.
2.4 Print and write legibly.
2.5 Add, subtract, multiply, and divide quickly and accurately.
2.6 Understand and follow oral and written directions.
2.7 Learn procedures, functions and limitations of assigned duties.
2.8 Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
2.9 Learn to apply and explain policies and procedures related to school and program activities.
2.10 Work cooperatively with others.
2.11 Monitor, observe and report students behavior according to approved policies and procedures.
2.12 Operate instructional and office equipment.
2.13 Take proper care of workspace and materials.
3.1 Reinforces positive behavior.
3.2 Assists in instructing large groups.
3.3 Tutors individual and small groups of children.
3.4 Corrects home and seat work.
3.5 Checks standardized and informal tests.
3.6 Collects and/or copies materials and prepares displays, teaching centers, bulletin boards, and similar instructional activities.
3.7 Assists children with makeup work as a result of absence from school or class.
3.8 Assists students with oral and written communication.
3.9 Participates in reading and storytelling activities.
3.10 Assists with handson activities.
3.11 Assists with fine and gross motor activities, physical development, and recreational activities.
3.12 Records written materials for children who have visual or other learning disabilities.
3.13 Assists with children waiting to be picked up by parents.
3.14 Helps children solve personal conflicts with other children.
3.15 Assists on instructional field trip activities.
3.16 Assists children with selfcare activities.
3.17 Assists with feeding and toileting.
3.18 Works with audiovisual equipment.
3.19 Participates in appropriate inservice activities provided by the district.
3.20 Assists in classroom organization and management.
3.21 Maintains confidentiality of all information pertaining to students and classroom activities.
3.22 Assists certified persons in implementing all policies and regulations governing student
conduct for the classroom and related school activities.
3.23 Acts in accordance wit the policies as set forth by the Ohio County Board of Education, KRS, KAR, and applicable Federal laws and regulations.
3.24 Performs other duties that may not be specifically covered in this general job description as assigned by the supervising teacher and/or principal.
3.25 Demonstrates loyalty, dedication, and a positive attitude toward the mission and goals of the OhioCounty Schools.
3.26 Dresses appropriately for the job and is neat and wellgroomed.
3.27 Exhibits good physical health required to perform tasks.
3.28 Accepts constructive criticism willingly.
3.29 Is punctual and prepared for immediate assumption of duties upon arrival at school.
3.30 Utilizes time appropriately and maintains good attendance.
3.31 Is familiar with fire and tornado exit procedures and crisis management; and assists with implementation as necessary
Primary Location Fordsville Elementary Salary Range Per Hour Shift Type Full-Time