Human Resources

TheraTree - Owensboro, KY 42303 (Midtown East area)
September 5, 2020
Human Resources
6 reviews
Owensboro, KY 42303
6 reviews
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• Employee health insurance plans
• Simple IRAs
• Workers Comp
• Professional Liability Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Paid Time Off
• Bonus Opportunities
• Paid Continuing Education
• Retirement Benefits
Full Job Description
Purpose of Position: To efficiently provide sufficient well trained staff members in good communication, operating ethically, productively and following the purposes of their own positions in line with the practice Basic Purpose.
Duties and Responsibilities :
• Responsible for the following aspects of the Human Resources Division:
• Hiring
• Hatting/Orientation
• Personnel Files
• Communications
• Inspection & Reports
• Safety
• Attends all mandatory meetings and presents on products and statistics
• Assigns and meets deadlines for programs, projects, and tasks.
• Understands, follows, and enforces all Policies and Procedures of TheraTree
• Participate with tasks that are a part of TheraTree’s mission statement.
• Utilizes staff, space, and equipment for maximum productivity.
• Oversees and participates in reviews including but not limited to:
• Patient surveys
• Quarterly self-reviews of staff
• Peer review requests
• Responsible for the ultimate products of hiring:
• Ensuring all job advertisements are effective
• Put together with correct content and appealing
• Managed on all the available platforms
• Communication occurring in all possible personnel pools
• Resumes screening occur in a timely and effective frequency
• Phone screening determine if prospective hire is a fit for the job
• Responsible for all staff being hatted/oriented within a timely manner.
• Contracts completed and all employees are hatted on them.
• Set Up Checklist are complete for all new employees.
• Employees understand and have access to policies and procedures.
• Responsible for complete personnel files on all employees.
• Credentials are current
• Personnel files are audited
• Tracking PTO
• Employee health insurance plans
• Simple IRAs
• Workers Comp
• Professional Liability Insurance
• Responsible for division statistics
• Sets weekly, monthly, and annual targets to ensure annual goals are met.
• Responsible for maintaining expected statistics of post.
• Determining a condition weekly.
• Apply working condition and formulas to division/posts to increase statistics.
• Activity initiating a plan for stats.
• Handles up stats: What was the cause, repeat it.
• Handles down stats: What was the cause, fix it.
• Responsible for clear and efficient communications within the clinic.
• The company email is utilized.
• Managers are not being bypassed.
• The org board is used.
• Mail, faxes, phones are being responded to quickly and effectively.
• Responsible for Inspections and Reports
• Stats are uptrending throughout the whole clinic
• Performance reviews are occuring on time.
• Responsible for all people and environment being safe.
• Supplements the efforts of the team as needed.
• Contributes to payroll information
Qualities and Skills
• Able to identify inefficiencies.
• Creative in approach with each junior and with caregivers and patients.
• Effective and efficient problem solver.
• Excellent attendance record.
• Excellent punctuality.
• Demonstrates safe behaviors.
• Flexible with and adapts quickly to changes.
• Exhibits responsibility and professionalism.
• Maintains excellent ethics.
• Likes to work in a fast-paced environment.
• Is personally aligned with the company’s mission.
• Demonstrates a respect for diversity.
• Excellent organization skills.
• • Maintains an organized work environment.
• Keeps all files and documents orderly and maintained.
• Can prioritize tasks and manages time accordingly.
• Driven to meet goals/targets.
• Produces a large volume of work.
• Follows through on all programs, projects, and tasks.
• Ability to empower others.
• Pushes potential in self and others.
• Desire to learn and advance skill set.
• • Takes responsibility for professional competence.
• Maximizes all learning experiences.
• Shares knowledge with others in division.
• Engaging and accurate verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills with adults and children alike.
• • Clearly articulates each service provided by TheraTree to a multitude of audiences.
• Can identify the wants and needs of other people through observation and conversation.
• Ability to start and foster relationships.
• Uses language appropriate for the recipient.
• Clearly communicates ideas to the recipient using essential language skills.
• Demonstrates trustworthiness and this is exhibited in all relationships.
• Contribute to a fun and productive work environment.
• Demonstrates positive interpersonal skills.
• Collaborates efficiently with others to produce a high-quality product in a quick time frame.
• Health Insurance
• Professional Liability Insurance
• Paid Time Off
• Bonus Opportunities
• Paid Continuing Education
• Retirement Benefits
• Mentorships Available
• Management Opportunities
• Full time administrative staff to manage all physician orders, scheduling, insurance companies, appeal denials, and provide support; so you focus on meeting the needs of your clients! We support a collaborative approach with all therapies involved with each child.