Advocacy, Government Relations, Political or Ed Policy Advisors | Harvard Innovation Lab VP incubated - Accelerator Non-Profit (non-compensated)

Ignite Mental Health - Owensboro, Kentucky
September 2, 2020
Advocacy, Government Relations, Political or Ed Policy Advisors | Harvard Innovation Lab VP incubated - Accelerator Non-Profit (non-compensated) Owensboro, KY /
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Do you want to improve the world? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn and grow at a world-changing organization just as they started growing rapidly? Excited by the opportunity to power world-class entrepreneurs and Changemakers as they work to positively impact the lives of 100,000’s & 1,000,000’s?
At Ignite Mental Health we're accelerating world-class mental health entrepreneurs and mobilizing key change agents to catalyze the scalable innovations and legislative changes needed to transform the future of student mental health literacy and access. Using this approach, we're working to make the impossible inevitable; helping build and scale lasting legislative changes and breakthrough organizations to be as impactful as Google and Facebook that focus solely on equipping every student with a standard measure of mental health literacy and access.
All of us at Ignite have experienced first-hand, or through that of loved ones and friends, the pain caused by how broken our approaches towards mental health really are. This has driven us to come together to unite some of the best minds and doers to fix it, on a national scale and accelerated timeline.
Become a member of a bold and ambitious mission-driven team which grew rapidly with the support of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Program, to become a nationwide effort in just nine months! You will perch atop a fast-growing organization working to catalyze national and global change with the opportunity to learn, grow, and hopefully thrive in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and impact-driven environment.
You, you, you!
We are seeking bold, boundary-pushing and mission-driven Advisors who are enthralled by the challenge and excited by the opportunity to collaborate with a driven team to deliver policy wins centered on ambitious state-level K-12 mental health education and access wait times (incl. minimum councilor ratios).
If you are a creative and mission-driven thinker with relevant past experiences and are looking for opportunities to use your skills and expertise (1-5 hours per month) to transform the future of student mental health in your state, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.
We’re expanding our world-class team... This is where you come in.
What you'll do • Join an interdisciplinary Junior or Senior Advisor Board or Team contributing to exploratory hypothesis validation, thought leadership, strategy development and topic-specific advice, expertise or connection sharing to help achieve state legislative goals.
• When you click apply you will be invited to select which area of expertise (Advocacy, Govt Affairs, State Legislative, K-12 Education Policy etc.) and role you believe you could best contribute in.
• Additional information will be shared by our Committee with candidates who complete this expression of interest form and whose experience may be well suited to current openings.
Relevant areas of past experience, includes but is not limited to: • State Government – Legislature, Governor’s office, state government affairs/policy, major trade associations with significant direct lobbying experience etc.
• Advocacy – Experience in state-level legislative issue advocacy campaigns.
• Government/Public Affairs.
• K-12 education policy.
• Coalition building/partnership creation – within the past 5 years.
• Lobbying.
• Other.
Time & financial • This position may require 1-5 hours per month or ad-hoc time investment. Involvement options will be discussed with candidates who are contacted during the review process.
• Term length generally varies from short-term for Standing Committees/Ad-Hoc Boards, to 3-12 month periods (which may be extendable) for Advisor Board Members. Term length will be based on candidate preferences and discussed during the review process.
• This Advisor / Advisor Board role is non-compensated and volunteer in nature at a social impact non-profit. While our incoming Capital Raising Team will be working to establish partnerships to fund stipends and other compensation, we are not (yet!) funded by a zillionaire and are unfortunately unable to commit to compensation of any form.
• Third-party websites may provide erroneously calculated salary projections for positions. These estimates are not provided by Ignite and are incorrect.
Advisors who fit fantastically at Ignite tend to: • Be excited to join a team devising, testing and iterating non-traditional/'out of the building' approaches to achieve ambitious social impact focused goals.
• Be radically open minded, have a growth mindset, open to testing new approaches and failure, open to considering diverse viewpoints and, many a time, unusual strategies.
• Be driven to improve mental health and interested in lending their time.
• Be honest, transparent and have extremely high integrity.
Expression of interest & communications • We invite candidates who are interested in lending their expertise and discussing this role further to express their interest via this expression of interest form.
• We ask that candidates consider postponing outreach to any Ignite team members until our Nomination Committee has the opportunity to reach out with further information.
Location • This position is remote in nature and can be completed from anywhere in world. There may be the option for in-person activities dependent on COVID-19 related health safety recommendations.
Ignite Mental Health is not a department of Harvard University, nor are we in anyway owned or operated by the University. Ignite's only connection with the University is that we were founded by Harvard students/ alumni and are incubated by and worked (pre-covid) out of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Program. We ask that all communications are directed to Ignite and not the Harvard Innovation Lab.
This description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work which may be performed by persons assigned to this position. It is not intended to include all duties, responsibilities or other potentially relevant information which may change between the date of this posting and potential interviews.
We're working to scale innovative solutions and legislative changes —unafraid of transforming traditional approaches—that tackle the root causes of some of the biggest problems affecting mental health.
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