Escrow Analysis Operations Manager

U.S. Bank - Owensboro, Kentucky
September 1, 2020
Submission for the position: Escrow Analysis Operations Manager - (Job Number: 200014233) Escrow Analysis Operations Manager
U.S. Bank’s Escrow Administration & Customer Service Research organization is seeking an exceptional leader for the Escrow Analysis team, to help fulfill our mission of being central to the financial lives of our customers. This is an exciting opportunity for a strong leader looking to make a big impact. The candidate will play a critical role enabling the organization to build emotional connections that inspire trust and confidence with our customers.
The Escrow Analysis team play a central role in loan servicing. The team balances the impacts to customer payment changes with fulfilling obligations to the loan investors, while ensuring compliance with comprehensive regulatory requirements. The team conducts over 1.5 million escrow analysis each year and monitors escrow advances exceeding $200 million, as part of the work to maintain escrow accounts.
How you’ll spend your time:
• Overseeing escrow functions including analysis, interest on escrow, exception review, and issue management
• Developing of employees including exempt and non-exempt level staff
• Engaging employees by building trusting relationships with team members and creating a fun working atmosphere
• Ensuring compliance with regulations and preparing for audits
• Motivating the team and providing leadership and direction by communicating and carrying out the vision and departmental goals
• Collaborating with other teams to provide support and best practices
• Identifying opportunities of better ways to do things and coming up with innovative ideas to improve efficiencies
• Managing the strategy of the department
Selected Duties:
• Ensuring a sustainable and robust 1st Line of Defense control environment within the organization.
• Responsible for all aspects of Escrow Analysis operations, including boarding validation, interest on escrow, escrow analysis and escrow account management .
• Responsible for designing robust and well controlled processes that leverage available tools and technologies that are aligned to our guiding principles of Customer Obsession, Agility and Simplification.
• Responsible for evaluating operations, processes and functions for opportunities to redesign for simplify and automation.
• Responsible for passionately communicating a compelling vision to the organization, aligning the team around that vision and executing the changes required to implement the vision.
• Responsible for ownership of all related business processes and their controls, including, but not limited to: design, documentation, procedure development, reporting, and process/control performance as well as development of Root Cause Analysis and remediation plans for all identified issues – credibly challenge team, vendors and status quo to arrive at improved results.
• Responsible for effective and accurate written and verbal communication. All communication must be accurate, clear, forthright, concise and audience appropriate (e.g. appropriate level of detail).
• Work with appropriate parties within the team and across the organization to effectively communicate management and executive reporting, including, but not limited to, established routines, Monthly Business Reviews, and updates for senior executives in the organization.
• Ensure all actions and responsibilities are completed on time and with outstanding quality.
• Maintain a sense of urgency within the team.
• Other duties as appropriate.
Basic Qualifications
- Bachelor's degree, or equivalent work experience
- 10 or more years of operations-related experience
Preferred Skills/Experience
Preferred Skills/Experience
- Proven and effective leader who can convey a vision and strategy as well as motivate their team to optimize performance
- Advanced knowledge of all aspects of mortgage servicing or operational policies and practices
- Strong analytical and decision-making skills
- Good organizational and project management skills
- Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
- Well-developed knowledge of human resources functions
- Ability to manage multiple tasks/projects and deadlines simultaneously
- Experience managing mortgage operational controls/compliance
- Strong desire to lead in a continuous improvement environment
- Experience working collaboratively to exert influence across organizations
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